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Board Governance Survey

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Assessing performance is the most effective way to ensure your board members understand their duties and utilize effective good governance practices. The Board Governance Survey assesses perceptions of your non-profit organization’s board. It asks questions to understand how other members feel about the board’s diversity, competence, representation, and leadership.

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Board Governance Survey

Board Governance Survey


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Board Governance Survey

In today’s fast-paced, ever-changing business world, management and governance are critical to the success and sustainability of a non-profit. A strong governance board is a distinct indicator of a healthy organization. But even the best organizations need a periodic review to ensure that they won’t just survive, but will thrive in today’s environment.

To identify roadblocks and challenges, consider solutions to enhance governance practices, restructure your strategic plans, or introduce practices and strategies for a healthy and energized board, the best place to start is with a board assessment. SoGoSurvey’s customizable Board Governance Survey template enables you to begin aligning members’ goals to the broader vision of your non-profit.

Completing a board assessment is an enlightening experience for everyone involved. One of the best outcomes of the Board Governance Survey is an increase in collaborative energy that excites and recharges your non-profit’s board.

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