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Performance Appraisal Surveys

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Empower every member of your team to achieve measurable personal and professional growth with custom 360-degree performance reviews and performance appraisal surveys.

SoGoSurvey’s next-generation software helps you create shorter, smarter surveys that get the job done

SoGoSurvey’s Performance Appraisal Surveys (Performance Appraisal and 360 Degree Feedback) are a perfect solution that provide robust and reliable feedback regarding an individual employee’s performance. Expertly researched and designed, SoGoSurvey’s Performance Appraisal Survey helps you and your HR managers identify key employee strengths and areas for improvement and development. SoGoSurvey’s next-generation analysis and reports will help your team implement effective training programs and policy.

Why Use SoGoSurvey’s Performance Appraisal Surveys?

  • Provides input to employees on how to be more effective on the job
  • Builds trust and respect among co-workers
  • Helps to introduce new ideas and develop solutions to problems
  • Identifies needs for skills and knowledge that will promote career growth
  • Supports decision-making relative to promotions and job duties

HR’s #1 Performance Appraisal Survey Solution

Fully Customizable

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I really appreciate how customizable SoGoSurvey is as a whole from the various question types to reporting to being able to easily replicate past surveys and tweak/update them as needed.
Sarah Keller, Senior Associate, Strategic Communications
International Council on Clean Transportation

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