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If you’re renting out your own home or property to guests, you can definitely benefit from collecting feedback on their experiences. Your results can build your understanding of your guests and their needs, helping you to attract both new and repeat visitors.
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Whether you think of it as the newest branch of the hospitality industry or just a natural step in the growth of the sharing economy, private rentals have become increasingly popular. Suddenly anyone who has space or property can take advantage of the trend to make money, make new friends, and expand the travel industry in fresh new directions.

Both members of rental networks like Airbnb and those who rent “off the grid” benefit from collecting feedback from their guests in order to improve their offering. The Private Rental Experience Survey makes it easy to check in on key elements of the stay, as well as to identify any issues that require follow-up. Plus, positive feedback can be used as testimonials on websites, in social media, and through other marketing channels.

While your guests make the most of their visit, be sure you’re making the most of their experience. New offerings and options, updates to existing processes, and even changes to your physical space can all spring from guest suggestions, leading to returning guests, positive word-of-mouth reviews, and increased interest in and demand for your property.




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