More about Engagement Survey – High School Students

High school students are at an important stage, still in school but adding on new responsibilities and making plans for the future. The challenges to balance workload, extracurriculars, internships, volunteering, and more while charting the right career track can seem overwhelming without support.

The High School Student Engagement Survey provides the right questions to aid your work in ensuring students have what they need to be successful. Measuring student engagement by asking the experts directly gives you the best possible data, and drilling down lets you see results by school, grade, teacher, or any other grouping. Demographic details, added through the Data Population feature before students even participate, can enrich your analysis and serve any reporting needs you may have for accreditation, compliance, or other programs. Engagement includes multiple drivers that allow you a clear picture of which critical improvements can have the highest impact on raising student engagement.

Engaged students are more likely to stay in school, to achieve higher grades, to build better relationships, and to contribute to a positive school climate. Implement a systematic approach to regularly survey and measure student engagement to ensure you’re turning challenges into opportunities for student-focused improvements.

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