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Many factors can influence a parent’s view of their child’s school. A positive parent-teacher conference can be a difference-maker, but so can a late bus, an informative newsletter, a strict coach, or attendance at a single performance. Despite the diversity of experiences that can inform a parent’s opinion, the importance of parent perspective is without question. Parents who have a positive feeling about a school will work to support it, from active volunteering and participation in events to sharing good experiences with friends and online. Parents with negative perceptions are more likely to withdraw their children from school and might even go so far as to spread negative publicity through social media.

Collecting and analyzing data through the School Climate Survey for Parents allows you to identify and understand parents’ perspectives on your schools. Knowing how they feel overall is a good start, but the most important information comes from drilling down into the details. Areas like academic preparation, student support, school leadership, opportunities for parent engagement, and safety concerns are covered, allowing you to identify clear areas for improvement. This survey also addresses aspects of school operations, district operations, transportation, additional educational programs and events, expanding your data collection from beyond the classroom to the full range of factors that impact student and parent experience.

Stop relying on anecdotal evidence to give you the full picture. Take a systematic approach to understanding parents’ perspective on your school through this strategic outreach, then follow up and take action on the results. For best results, run this survey at the same time as the School Climate Survey for Staff and the School Climate Survey for Students and compare your findings for all three groups. You’ll see benefit from your data immediately, as well as valuable trend analysis when you implement this outreach on an annual basis.

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