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As with any position, teachers and school staff may leave their jobs for any number of reasons. Whether individuals have reached retirement, found another position in the same field, or switched careers completely, resignation comes in many flavors.

While some level of churn is normal, a systematic approach to collecting feedback from departing staff members can help to identify issues before they turn into big problems. The Staff Exit Survey asks targeted questions to gain a better understanding of the reasons why staff members are leaving. Exiting employees may be able to offer important insights into challenges other staff members are facing, including stress and workload issues, lack of resources, or insufficient training to fulfill job responsibilities. Their perspectives can be very valuable in developing strategies to support staff and to improve retention. Systems work better and students learn better when churn is low, and the time and money invested in hiring and training new staff could be spent well elsewhere.

Although it may be too late to hold on to staff members who are leaving, gathering their insights and feedback can go a long way toward retaining current staff and even recruiting new team members. Make consistent feedback collection part of your staff exit procedure and you’ll be glad you did.

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