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There’s no question: teachers and school staff wear plenty of hats. From the push for academic success and social development to the effort to support students’ growth into productive and well balanced members of society, there is no end to role of an education professional. Add curricular guidelines, local and national regulations, and plenty of testing, and it’s clear that there’s plenty of pressure to ensure success. Still, no matter what, safety must always be the number one priority. Without basic security, everything else becomes impossible.

The Safe Schools Survey for Staff, authored by the National Council on Educational Statistics, seeks to understand staff perceptions and attitudes regarding school safety. Teachers and school staff members have an important and valuable perspective to offer on security, and asking directly can sometimes be the best way to collect their feedback. With their knowledge of students’ behavior and personalities, school staff can be the first to spot problems. Whether students need additional support or resources, or if the problems involve drugs, weapons, or gang activity, school staff can help to identify issues before they escalate.

There’s no reason to wait for tragedy to strike, no way to just hope for the best. The goal of student success starts with the basics of safety and security, and school staff and teachers play a critical role in providing this foundation. Ensure open communication and cooperation with all staff through surveys, conversations, and professional development to target areas of concern before they get out of hand.

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