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Students Safe Schools Survey

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This Safe Schools Survey for students asks them to share their feelings about safety in their schools. Questions ask about support from adults, school environment, bullying, risky locations, and access to drugs and alcohol.

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Students Safe Schools Survey

Students Safe Schools Survey


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Students Safe Schools Survey

Students have a lot on their minds. Whether it’s getting good grades, making the team, relationships, volunteering, or college and career planning, there’s plenty to worry about. Beyond all the basics, one thing students should never have to worry about is their safety.

Students — and their parents — trust school staff to keep their best interests in mind in developing all aspects of the educational experience and environment. The Safe Schools Survey for Students, authored by the National Council on Educational Statistics, checks in with students to collect their perceptions of how well this goal has been met.

While students may be unwilling to share their experiences or fears aloud, perhaps due to fear of retribution, a confidential or even anonymous survey can collect meaningful feedback in real time, allowing you to take action and address issues quickly. Big issues ranging from bullying and drugs to gangs and weapons need immediate intervention, and social and emotional development issues, too, require a strategic and dedicated approach.

Only by knowing the target areas can school leaders work to address the problems, and a systematic approach to collecting information and acting on it is key. When students recognize the value placed on their feedback and see action taken on important problems, their trust will grow and communication will improve.

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