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This Teacher Engagement Surveymeasures teachers’ engagement with their jobs, including key drivers ranging from working conditions and shared values to adequate training and compensation. Support from colleagues and supervisors is also included.
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Teachers and staff members can be the biggest difference-makers in your schools. Checking in to make sure they’re satisfied and engaged is a huge investment in the success of your students and your school community. Engaged staff members know the importance of the work they’re doing, and their commitment to their students, colleagues, and community shows in every aspect of their work.

The Teacher Engagement Survey allows you important insight into the areas where all’s well and any areas of risk. Rather than simply identifying problems, measuring engagement gives you actionable data to take critical next steps. Powerful reports allow you to drill down further, dividing data by school, department, tenure, or any other categories that matter to you. Save your staff time by using Branching to display only relevant questions and pre-fill demographic details you already know with Data Population.

Going straight to the source means the best possible data, and the simple online format means staff time is well spent. Results will help reduce churn and improve teacher retention, keeping your most valuable resources close. Ensure measuring teacher engagement is part of your strategic plan and make a commitment to follow-up action. Your staff, your students, and your community will thank you.




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