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Professional Development Needs Assessment

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Designed to identify staff professional development preferences and needs, this survey asks about location, timing, delivery, and format. Results will help to improve clarity on PD needs and assist in planning.

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Professional Development Needs Assessment

Professional Development Needs Assessment


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Professional Development Needs Assessment

School districts are all about learning, and the focus isn’t exclusive to students. Teachers and staff need a consistent and well-planned program of professional development opportunities throughout the year to keep up with their responsibilities and meet evolving demands.

Whether it’s content knowledge, understanding of curriculum, classroom management, technology skills, or specific local programs, staff members need to be experts in everything Utilizing the Professional Development Needs Assessment allows you to check in with your staff to see what they’ve been missing.

New content or refresher sessions, one-time meetings or semester-long workshops, your colleagues can help bring attention to the types of programming that will be most beneficial. This professional development survey also asks about the ideal times and locations for these sessions, as well as preferred formats and presenters.

Education never stops, and with a clear picture of the professional development needs of your teachers and staff, you’ll know exactly what should be on the syllabus.

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