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As education evolves to keep up with the demands of our local and global communities, teachers need to keep ahead of the curve to ensure students are prepared. Preparing teachers and staff members is a critical task to maintain the health of any school system, and high-quality professional development doesn’t happen without high-quality planning.

This Professional Development Survey for Teachers collects feedback on participation in past professional development offerings, including their content and overall quality. An assessment of participants’ interest in and familiarity with a wide range of both general topics and district- or school-specific provides the opportunity to pinpoint both the needs and desires of staff. Input on format, timing, and location of these sessions is also solicited, allowing for increased visibility into the logistics required. There’s nothing worse than planning a great session and having nobody attend — unless it’s having everyone attend a session that’s not useful for them.

Balance regular assessment of needs and feedback on programming and your staff will thank you. Nobody has time to waste on ineffective and unnecessary trainings, but the investment in quality professional development is absolutely worthwhile.

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