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SoGoSurvey: Miles Above The Competition

More Question Types Than You Can Imagine

SoGoSurvey offers 16 ready-to-go survey question types (each of which can be used in about 20 different ways) to ensure you get the right data. Among the advanced survey questions are rating scales, a matrix grid, Intellimatrix (which lets you set conditions and corresponding responses on the same page), demographic text boxes, and file attachments. If you can think of a question type… we’ve got it.

Ready-to-Use Survey Templates

There’s no need to start from scratch every time. SoGoSurvey provides beautiful ready-to-use survey example surveys to use as-is or to build upon. They include surveys optimized for human relations, customer feedback, events, K-12 education, higher education, healthcare, and government.

Survey Branding and Customization

SoGoSurvey gives you complete control over your brand identity. You can adjust logos and images, colors, fonts, and the survey URL, so the survey reflects your company brand.

Mobile-Ready Surveys

You may design surveys for a Web browser. But more and more users rely primarily on their mobile devices. SoGoSurvey automatically formats surveys and optimizes the user interface for the device on which it is opened, whether that’s a traditional desktop computer, iPhone, Android, or other smart device.

Pre-Populate Known Survey Data

Why ask people to tell you things you already know? Data pre-population lets you add existing information to the survey data, which makes the results more accurate, streamlines survey completion, and gives you more analytical power.

Outstanding Survey Branching and Skip Logic

SoGoSurvey’s advanced branching controls the survey path based upon answers to multiple questions. That lets you, say, branch to a particular page when the respondent is both female and self-employed.

Question Display Logic

Don’t distract would-be participants by asking them irrelevant questions. SoGoSurvey lets you skip specific questions based upon respondents’ answers and personalize each participant’s survey experience by controlling survey flow with easy-to-use question display logic.

Automatically Generate Survey Email Alerts

SoGoSurvey helps you track a survey’s progress towards a goal, and sends email alerts immediately based on respondents’ answers or completion progress. Its deeply powerful, customizable controls let you know ASAP if you got 100 responses or if a respondent gave your product a lousy rating.

Make Surveys Anonymous

You have the option of conducting a survey completely anonymously, wherein administrators cannot link participants to responses. This ensures candid answers, encourages higher response rates, and yields better data integrity.

Several Ways to Distribute Surveys

You can publish surveys via email, social media, embedded on a website, or offline. Use whichever media helps you reach the people whose feedback you want.

Customize Survey Invitations

With SoGoSurvey, you can completely customize the way survey invitations and reminders appear. Choose one of the pre-designed email templates or design an email invitation from scratch. You’ll be amazed at how much your response rates increase as a result.

Schedule Survey Invitations and Reminders

Control when people get their invitations to participate by scheduling survey invitations and reminders for future delivery. This lets you plan ahead -- say, to ensure that a post-event follow-up survey is mailed the morning after the conference is over.

Track Survey Invitations

You can track survey participation using SoGoSurvey's distribution dashboard. It shows who received your invitation, who didn't get it (and why), and who opened the invitation but didn't participate yet. That enables you to nudge the slow-to-respond without annoying people who already answered the survey.

In-depth Survey Analysis Reports

SoGoSurvey is a reporting powerhouse. With only a few keystrokes, you can generate professional charts, graphs, and tables you can easily share. Powerful filtering and cross-tabulation tools let you dive deeper into the data to discover important correlations, helping you make better business decisions.

Multiuser Account Access

We all need to work together -- especially in designing and conducting surveys. With SoGoSurvey, you can create users within a single business account and control each person’s permissions.

Create Multilingual Surveys

SoGoSurvey makes it easy to create a multilingual survey using automatic language translation. This way, you can distribute surveys into any of 28 languages, while still having just one data set to manage and analyze.

Social Media Integration

With SoGoSurvey, it’s easy to publish surveys on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+. You get increased participation with the network effect. Your fans invite their friends and so on.

Survey Data Privacy and Security

You want the survey data you collect to be confidential, accurate, and always available. SoGoSurvey data is hosted in multiple Class A, Tier 1 data centers, a standard that ensures 24/7 availability, redundancy, and operational sustainability. SoGoSurvey was awarded TRUSTe's Privacy seal, and is a certified licensee of the TRUSTe EU Safe Harbor seal, which certifies that we are in compliance with the European Union Directive on data protection, specifically the Safe Harbor Framework.

Blissfully Responsive Customer Service

SoGoSurvey provides tech support around the clock, with live staff to help you resolve questions.

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