Create a Survey

SoGoSurvey offers you a well-equipped platform to create surveys, quizzes, and online polls. We offer all the question types required to create surveys, plus advanced customization options and numerous settings choices to ensure everything works exactly the way you want.

Creating your perfect survey is easy! Just follow the instructions below.

Choose to start a new survey from one of two places – from the Home page or while working on another survey.

  1. From the Home Page:
    Click on Create Survey and choose from the three options available.
  2. While working on another survey:
    Click on the Create button on the top right and choose from the options available.

Start with a Blank Survey

A blank survey offers a clean canvas where you can start sketching out your questions and answers. Bring your ideas to live, adding content and features to meet your needs. This method is the perfect choice if you have a unique project in mind and a good idea of where to start.

It may seem intimidating to start from scratch, but having a clear plan can make a big difference in helping you to organize the structure to meet your goals, maintain your focus on key priorities, and save your time.

Copy an Existing Survey

If you’re repeating a project, copy a survey to save time. You may stick with an exact replica, or modify the survey to meet your updated requirements. This method is the perfect choice if you want to repeatedly launch the same survey, perhaps on an annual basis.

Copy from Survey Bank

Your SoGoSurvey account comes loaded with a full set of professionally designed survey templates covering a wide range of popular topics and purposes. This Survey Bank is designed to save you time and offer research-backed inspiration. You may review these sample surveys to gather ideas, or copy them directly into your account to use or modify. This method is the perfect choice if you know your topic but you’re not sure which questions to ask.

Categories include:

Once you’ve chosen your method, make the survey your own:


  1. Name your survey.
  2. Keep your account organized by using the dropdown menu to assign your survey to an appropriate folder.
  3. Select your survey’s primary language and any secondary languages.
  4. The primary language you select cannot be changed. Secondary languages can be added or removed later in the process.

  5. By checking ‘I have questions ready to copy and paste’ you can get started effortlessly.
  6. Click Start to begin building your survey.