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The world's top companies use SoGoSurvey's online survey tool to gather game-changing business intelligence.

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Build a Better Experience
Measure NPS, CES, and other customer experience benchmarks with the most robust software on the market. Deploy online surveys to gauge customer satisfaction, identify customer loyalty drivers, and deliver improvements.
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Tackle the challenges of recruiting and retaining top talent and growing employee engagement with the survey software that helps your HR team maintain the highest privacy standards and support every stage of the employee lifecycle.
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Backed by top-tier security, our robust survey creator offers smart design tools and templates, distribution and automation, and quick report generation. Newbies and pros alike can craft engaging surveys to collect critical results.
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Powerful. Streamlined. Intuitive. Create and distribute self-scoring tests in just minutes and start getting results. Measure everything from training progress to regulatory compliance with our optimized assessment tool.
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Made to Measure
Our online survey software lets you customize and control every element of your survey program - email, surveys, quizzes, and websites. Flag issues as they arise and alert key stakeholders, and deliver progress updates and targeted reports at regular intervals.
companies lose revenue due to gap in communication and market awareness
Agile & growing
Agile and growing companies need more than a Twitter account or Facebook page to engage with their customers. SoGoSurvey’s platform gives you complete control of any and all communication channels available, letting you create surveys that will reach the right audience.
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SoGoSurvey guides neophytes in building their first survey or free seasoned pros to build exciting new benchmark surveys. All our surveys track and report their data in real time. This comprehensive level of awareness and communication provides more complete reporting, leading to better product, brand and strategy development for all departments.

Helping the Best Get Even Better

Hundreds of companies around the world use SoGoSurvey's online survey tools for customer research, product development and employee engagement to drive change and grow their bottom line.

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“Amazing support, robust enterprise-grade survey platform...”
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“Even the least technical people on our team can create a survey with ease.”
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“Feature-rich & value for money.”

SoGoSurvey is a feature-rich modern online survey tools that is pleasant to use and is a good value. Its reporting function is a notch above many competitors.

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Unlock Unlimited Potential

Whether your team of professionals knows how to create a survey or you need to train key members on the tools, we have you covered. From migration to integration to training to remote access, your dedicated Account Manager is backed at all times by our team of designers, engineers, and survey software experts. Both our client service and our survey platform are tailored to address your unique needs - no one-size-fits-all surveys, no cookie-cutter responses.

You have access to a wide range of teaching and training options, from one-on-one onboarding to design lessons from our experts to in-the-moment, self-service tutorials and videos during online survey creation. As we explore what features and process will best serve your efforts and meet your goals, we're focused on helping you create a survey that will identify meaningful enhancements to help strengthen and grow your organization.


Incorporate your brand identity and assets from the invitation to the mobile and online survey to your follow-up communications.


Responses are tracked and analyzed in real time, giving you up-to the minute access to data.


Use your organizational data and focused insights to target the areas ripe for improvement.

Designed with You in Mind
SoGoSurvey's online survey software was built with all the features you need to effectively communicate, gather insights, and empower data to promote growth and innovation in your organization. The tools and features listed here are just a sampling of the resources we’ve built into our enterprise software. Where other providers tout impressive-sounding but meaningless features, we focus on developing a survey solution that serves your purposes and will make an impact on your organization.

to all Features at All Times.


with premier application partners; including Salesforce, Slack, Zapier and more.


Dedicated account management, no outsourcing.


24/7/365 support worldwide.


Your data is protected by the most secure survey distribution and management system available.


Use built-in CMS tools to capture and track information and engage participants.


Every survey looks polished and professional using our built-in templates.


Real-time reporting and data analysis begins the moment you hit 'send'.


We support organizations of all sizes in any industry, customizing our services to fit your needs.

Partners in Excellence
Our confidence doesn’t come from our awards or even from our growing list of satisfied clients and partners. It comes from the clear evidence that our online survey tools work.
That’s why we don’t put limits on our Enterprise partners, or restrict your access with tiers. When you sign on to SoGoSurvey, we give you a wide-open platform optimized for success, and offer the service and support you need to ensure you achieve it.
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