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Create beautiful, professional surveys with SoGoSurvey. Survey builders will find all the right question types and survey templates, a database of common questions and answers, and custom design options.

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Publish with power – distribute surveys through any medium you like. Track response engagement and send automated responses based on results.

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PCMag says we have the best reporting module, and we agree. Analyze data through our powerful integrated reporting module for real-time results and professional, customizable, presentation-ready charts and graphs.


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79% of SoGoSurvey users come from other online survey tools. Maybe it's time for you to switch, too.

“Even the least technical people on our team can create a survey with ease.”

– Michael Chagala

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“My highest priority was a tool that is user-friendly to respondents.”

– Wayne Edwards

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“I love using SoGoSurvey! The dashboard is user-friendly and offers amazing flexibility....”

– Renita Bryant

Founder Sights Set LLC

“Other tools that cost much more just don’t have the range of options and tools that you get with SoGoSurvey.”

– Mark Solomons

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