The Customer Experience Software That Delivers: Insight, Action, and Growth

Monitor key touchpoints to improve customer experience and reduce churn throughout the customer journey with the SoGoCX Platform.

How will your business suffer by targeting the wrong customer satisfaction drivers?

The contest to win loyalty and prevent churn is the most public place to fall flat on your face. Without prioritized actions based on insights from across the customer journey, your best efforts may fail.
Customer Experience - Key Driver Analysis Reporting
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  • Customers expect consistent but individually tailored responses to their feedback.
  • Complex purchase paths make it difficult to collect, analyze and respond to feedback across all touchpoints.
  • High customer expectations demand world-class customer experience no matter the size of your organization.
  • Isolated silos of feedback data degrade customer loyalty as responses are inconsistent or fail to happen.
  • Decision-makers make risky decisions due to data overload that fails to identify the right drivers.
Don’t just generate more data; use a customer experience platform and learn how to make the biggest impact across your organization

"1 in 3 customers will leave a brand they love after just one bad experience, while 92% would completely abandon a company after two or three negative interactions."

- Future of CX Report, PwC

Customer Feedback insights that improve customer value

Great customer experiences create customers who spend more, buy at a premium, renew subscriptions and turn into advocates. If you truly understand their drivers, then you secure happy and loyal customers.
01 Plan Build business value from the very start
02 Listen Multi-channel feedback across customer journey
03 Integrate Unify operational and CX data
04 Act Respond and close the loop across any channel
05 Analyze Identify the best actions for the largest ROI
Comprehensive Customer Experience Platform
Discover and act on what drives your customers’ loyalty with the SoGoSurvey CX platform. 79% of our customer base left a competitor for us, and we are currently in use in 96 countries to turn insights into solid returns on investment.

Customer Experience Management?
It’s Easy If You Do It Smart

You have a lot of choices to make to build the right infrastructure for your CX initiative. Luckily that means you can craft your ecosystem based on the needs and resources of your organization. One size doesn’t fit all, but these guidelines can help you understand what you should consider for your customer experience software.
Agile Approach
CX, especially digital customer experience management, should take on as much importance as your product development. If you treat your CX as a product, it will continually adapt and evolve to your customers’ needs. This mindset ensures that you build in quick improvement cycles, which maximizes your resources across all of your departments and improves the likelihood of making the right decisions. Very often, mid-market organizations have the advantage, as their customer experience platform implementation allows them to more quickly align their people, process and technology.
Beg, Borrow and “Steal” Expertise
Everyone recognizes the importance of the voice of the customer, but your organization may not be large enough to have a team or even a dedicated person. Leverage on the external expertise that others such as your customer experience management platform, so that you can capitalize on what resources you do have. You’ll end up building a best-of-breed approach.
ABC Employees (Always Be Collecting)
Employee feedback is continually cited as one of the most important sources of insight on customer experience; however, many organizations only use their experience management platform annually. That gap could be deadly for your NPS score, so use your platform to create an always-on way for employees to provide feedback.
Where Smart meets Easy
Customer experience professionals have all the hard work of competing at the ultra-premium level, but without as much support, even with customer experience software in your ecosystem. You’ll want to consider items like how to migrate your old system to your new platform and what internal systems need to integrate to incorporate operational customer data. You’ll also want to make sure there are survey and reporting templates.
Technology Investments Should Drive Value
The customer experience management solutions in your ecosystem bring your strategy to life. The enablement of new processes can help organizations like yours realize as much as a 20% increase in annual revenue without additional headcount, new products, etc. The investment in customer experience management software enables a shared vision to cut across your sales, marketing and technology departments.

Customer Experience Management Solutions Map your Customer Journey

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