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Create online surveys with smart security and advanced features including:
  • Ready to use survey templates
  • Powerful branching logic
  • Complete control of branding
  • Intuitive drag and drop interface
  • Quota Management
  • Anonymity for participants
  • 50+ question types
  • Includes Quiz and Poll Tool
  • Website Feedback Survey
Distribute survey through any channel
  • Reach survey participants through:

    • Fully customized email invitations
    • SMS invitations
    • Social media channels
    • Website links
    • QR codes
  • Test and collaborate on surveys in real time
  • Use our optimized email server to improve email delivery
  • Remind and thank survey respondents
  • Participate on web, mobile, and tablet
  • Target demographic using online panel services
  • Analyze and track survey participation
  • Set rules based on survey responses
  • Embed surveys on Websites
Award-winning reporting engine
Analyze and share results that power smart decisions and look great, too.
  • Segment and compare
  • Powerful statistical report
  • Export reports in Excel, Word, SPSS etc
  • Insightful real time reports for all survey types
  • Share real-time reports
  • Participation trend analysis
  • Download presentation-ready PowerPoint reports
Integrates with many other tools
Create a survey that does double duty by delivering data through seamless integrations and improving decision-making by automating workflows.
  • Salesforce
  • Zapier
  • API
  • Google Analytics
  • Google spreadsheet
  • Hubspot CRM
  • Slack
  • Asana

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From customer research to product development to employee engagement, SoGoSurvey’s platform enables companies around the world to improve the bottom line and redefine the future.

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SoGoSurvey is a feature-rich modern online survey tool that is pleasant to use and is a good value. Its reporting function is a notch above many competitors.

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How you ask survey questions can make or break your data

Create a survey using advanced survey question formats, appealing design, and an intuitive interface to elicit insightful feedback from your target audience.

Advanced Branching Logic
We offer every possible question type needed to create survey online. Use advanced branching and question display logic, images and multimedia, quota management, and more. The most powerful online survey is also intuitive and easy to use.
Ready to Use Survey Templates
Our beautiful, professionally designed, tested and optimized survey templates help you launch your online survey quickly.
Fully Anonymous Surveys
Ensure complete privacy for your participants by completely separating contact details from responses -- encouraging honest feedback that’s totally secure.
Live Data Reporting
Once you’ve launched a survey, our system tracks all the responses live, in real time. You’ll always see the complete picture using our platform.
Enterprise Grade Security
Our easy-to-use survey generator is built with enterprise-grade security infrastructure and processes at its core. We are ISO 27001 certified which demonstrates our commitment to data security for our customers.

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Help Available 24/7/365
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Polished Reports
Focus on asking the right questions, and we’ll make sure your reports look great. Inform and impress each audience with instant answers from dynamic links or presentation-ready downloads.
Survey Delivery Options
Whether it’s on phones, tablets, or laptops, meet your participants on the right devices in the right way to maximize response rates.
One Platform, Hundreds of Uses

Our secure and agile foundation gives you free rein to dream up innovative, customized solutions.

5 essential tips to create a survey that delivers

In every organization, data can have a huge impact on the decision-making process. Because higher quality data leads to smarter decisions, it is critical to create a survey that asks the right questions, engages participants, and encourages higher response rates. Make sure your next survey delivers authentic, actionable results by keeping in mind these tips:

  • Identify your purpose first : From design to distribution to reporting, your decisions should be based on your goals. You can make online surveys that educate your audience, that help your team make a decision, or that are simply a fun way to build engagement. No matter your purpose, having a clear understanding of your desired outcomes will make it easy to decide what questions to include, what audience to reach out to, and when and how to connect.

  • Create awareness and buzz : No matter how amazing your survey creator, getting the word out is a crucial first step. If participants never hear about your survey, or if they don’t understand its purpose, they won’t take the time to read or respond to anything you share. Build on your existing communication strategies -- an all-hands meeting with employees, a customer newsletter -- and let your target audience know why they should care about this survey. Let them know if the results will be shared and how data will be used to make important decisions. From social media to real life, spread the news! Plus, be sure to mention any additional incentives for participation, like coupons or promotions.

  • Plan for perfect timing : Timing is everything. What else is going on that might impact your survey? Consider the big picture first. Avoid holidays and other common vacation breaks, of course, but don’t forget to tune into other internal scheduling priorities as well, like budget cycles, grading deadlines, and performance evaluation cycles. When you launch, pay attention to the details, too. What day and time will best suit your participants? Create surveys that grab participants’ attention, and send reminders to those who don’t respond. Plus, track participation trends to find out what will work best next time.

  • Keep it short : Nobody has extra time to spend answering questions, especially if those questions seem irrelevant to the participant or purpose. Identify your goals, and only include questions that will help to deliver relevant answers. A longer questionnaire is more likely to lead to participant fatigue, drop-outs, and low response rates. Use advanced options like survey skip logic or other customization to enhance engagement, keep participants involved, and improve your response volume and quality.

  • Create quality content : From your survey to your invitations, it’s not just what you say that matters. How you deliver your message can be the difference between capturing a reader’s attention or missing the mark. Use clear language, avoid jargon, and be sure to proofread! Also, while enthusiasm is appropriate, too much hype (all caps, too many exclamation marks, etc.) can be distracting. For surveys, avoid using language that may be confusing or easily misinterpreted. For email invitations, consider the subject line and the content itself, and follow best practices in inspiring participation. Make each invitation personal, customized, and engaging. Survey generators that offer integrated email and multi-channel distribution options help to improve your flow and even test the messaging that works best.

Powerful, Flexible Online Survey Maker

We have devoted hundreds of hours to the design, development, and optimization of our free survey maker's online tools and templates. No matter your industry, target demographic, or line of inquiry, SoGoSurvey can get you started today.

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Make an impact with an online survey maker designed to reach the right sources, gather quality information, and deliver immediate results. Try our free survey maker online and start engaging with your audience today!

Fort Belvoir Residential Communities LLC needed a way to connect with residents, ensure their needs were being met, and improve satisfaction. Managing a busy community on an Army base brings its on special demands, but the main issue was a common one: participation. To collect feedback after maintenance calls, a mail-in postcard was left for residents -- but these were rarely returned. Weak participation meant weak data.
Teaming with SoGoSurvey and automating their communications with residents saw their response rate explode by over 900%.
As they've expanded their outreach beyond simple maintenance follow-ups, our Residential Survey messages and questionnaires have made a big impact on resident satisfaction – new and old. Giving customers the tools they need to learn more about the businesses and the people they serve is the heart of our mission at SoGoSurvey.


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