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Create online surveys with confidence

Choose the survey tool preferred by leaders from academia to business.

Create surveys people want to take

Create your own survey using advanced question formats, appealing design, and an intuitive interface to elicit insightful feedback from your target audience.

Create Online Survey

Build Your Brand

Add your logo, select colors and styles to create a survey that fits your brand.

Ask the Right Questions

Choose from loads of question types to ensure you get answers you can use.

Apply Advanced Logic

Get meaningful responses by asking each participant only the most relevant questions.

Create Online Survey

Mobile Ready Surveys

Create online surveys which are instantly optimized to display on any mobile device.

Embed Images and Videos

Keep participants engaged by using multimedia in questions and answers.

Make Surveys Confidential

Guarantee your respondents’ complete anonymity to boost response rates.

The best choice. Hands down.

"Incredibly Superior."

Business owner Yanina Silva talks about SoGoSurvey's advanced features and ease-of-use compared to other online survey tools.

79% of SoGoSurvey users came from other online survey tools. Maybe it's time for you to switch, too.


A. C. Franco

Butler Street

Your company and product are definitely customer oriented, and in my opinion this shows that you're leaders in the online survey tool market.


Edward Terry

Caplin & Drysdale

I tried another online survey tool and it just wasn't sophisticated enough to provide the results I needed. The branching and logic in SoGoSurvey was easier to use and it gave me the data I required.

Jenna Warner

University of Texas at Austin

I had never done a survey before, but SoGoSurvey was really user friendly and it was easy to create a survey.

Features That Matter

Easily design, launch, and analyze results using our feature-rich survey creator.

Survey Invitation Templates

Attractive and Inviting

Choose from a variety of beautiful invitation templates you can customize.

Pre-Fill Known Survey Data


Pre-fill known data to save participants time and improve data quality.

Create Multilingual Surveys

Multilingual Surveys

Invite participants to take your survey in their preferred language.

Free Survey Templates

Ready-to-Use Survey Templates

Get off and running with our proven, professional sample surveys.

Set Automatic Survey Reminders

Automatic Reminders

Keep up with real-time participation and send reminders as needed.

Automatic responses

Instant Alerts

Act quickly on critical feedback, or send thank-you notes to participants.

Put your data to work, instantly

Create online surveys that drive results with clear, insightful out-of-the-box reports.

Survey Report and Analysis

“SoGoSurvey’s reporting tools, perhaps the best of the bunch.”

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