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You bring the questions, we bring the online quiz tool

SoGoSurvey’s online quiz creator is the ideal solution for building student tests and quizzes, employee training evaluations, and all kinds of assessments. With our easy-to-use platform, you can make a quiz online in no time, even setting time limits and grading automatically. You can add any type of question – single answer, multiple choice, or essay – and include images, video, and attachments. Plus, SoGoSurvey’s advanced design features allow you to fully customize your quiz with your own logo and brand colors. Design it once, and participants can provide their responses on any device.

Cameron Smith, Risk Assessment Manager, Protect Your Risk

"The ability to design an assessment quickly, the range of question types plus the reporting functionality combined with the overall look and feel and usability of SoGoSurvey, all allow for improved assessment design and user experience."

Customize your Quiz
  • Advanced Quiz Customization

    Customize your quiz with your logo and brand colors, and even match its appearance to any website. Or, save time and simplify your design by choosing one of our beautiful templates.

Quizzes for all Devices
  • One Design, All Devices

    Design your quiz on any computer or tablet. Our quiz generator ensures that your content renders beautifully on any device a participant might use – smartphone or tablet, laptop or desktop. Create online quiz options quickly with our questionnaire maker and your style

Secure Quiz Data
  • Keep Quiz Data Secure

    Security is one of the most important elements of any online quiz, test, or assessment. SoGoSurvey’s assessment tool is built with attention to end-to-end security, allowing administrators peace of mind. As a result, we’re proud that many schools, universities, and businesses feel comfortable using SoGoSurvey for their testing needs.

Conduct Tests Live
  • Deploy Online Quiz During Presentation

    Want to give a quiz during class? Hope to launch an assessment during a small meeting or a large conference? SoGoSurvey lets you conduct tests live, then view scores and reports immediately for a big impact and quick follow-up.

Multiple Ways to Distribute your Quiz
  • Multiple Choices for Quiz Distribution

    Once your quiz is built, you are ready for responses. Keep participation simple by meeting your audience where they are. Send via email, as a public link or password-protected link. Post on social media sites like Twitter or LinkedIn. Embed on a website or send a link through your favorite chat app. You can even print your quiz for offline participation.

Create Timed Quiz
  • Create Timed Quiz

    If you like, launch your quiz with a built-in timer. The time constraint keeps participants focused and ensures that everyone has an equal amount of time to respond, no matter where they are.

Real-time Quiz Scoring & Powerful Reports
  • Instant Scores, Powerful Quiz Reports

    Our online assessment tool automatically provides scores in real time. Track participation in real time, too, by emailing unique links to your quiz-takers. When all the results are in, view overall summary, group, or individual reports.

Embed Audio & Video
  • Embed Multimedia

    Include images, video, or attachments in your online quiz. Media options provide more interactive options and potential resources for your participants.
Export Quiz Results in MS Office formats
  • Export Quiz Results

    When you have all the answers you need, export your report or data into formats like Excel, Word, and PowerPoint. For further analysis, you can also choose SPSS or CSV.

Quiz Response Alerts
  • Automatic Response Alerts

    If you’d like to be informed when a quiz response is received, set an email alert to be sent to your designated email address. For a full instant update, choose to attach the complete response to the alert email.

Translate Quizzes in 37 Languages
  • Create Multilingual Quizzes

    Reach a wider audience by launching the same quiz in as many as 37 languages. When you make a quiz online with SoGoSurvey, you can take advantage of our automatic translation feature and make sure all the results come in to the same report.

Apply Skip Logic/Branching
  • Apply Skip Logic/Branching

    If your quiz or assessment requires participants to skip certain questions or branch to certain pages, no problem. You define the logic and SoGoSurvey will make sure the rules are followed.

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customers in 75 countries
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live customer support
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