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Quiz Tool Features

Find the features that will take yourself-scoring quizzes to the next level.

Quiz Features

Full Quiz Customization

You have complete control of your quiz’s appearance. Fully brand your quiz with your colors and logo or blend it to match an existing website. Or simply save time by choosing one of our beautiful templates.

Keep Quiz Data Secure

Data security is essential in all online interactions. Even with the easiest, most laid-back quiz, you’re still responsible for the transmission and collection of personal data. SoGoSurvey’s assessment tool is built with attention to end-to-end security, allowing peace of mind for all involved.

Multiple Choices for Multiple Channels

What is the purpose of a quiz? Just like that question, it is important to have multiple options available when sending your queries. Via email, as a public link or password-protected link, you’ll find that our tool lets you reach your audience in

Instant Scores, Powerful

Our online assessment tool automatically provides scores and participation in real time. Send unique links to each quiz taker so that when all the results are in, you can break down your reports as needed.

One Quiz, All Devices

SoGoSurvey designs its tools to make less work for our customers, not more. Any quiz you create using our tool is optimized for any delivery platform. Smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop. Do the work once and reap the benefits on numerous devices.

Launch Quizzes on Site.

Want to give a quiz during class? Hope to launch an assessment during a small meeting or a large conference? Our tool lets you conduct tests live, then view scores and reports immediately for a big impact and quick follow-up.

Don’t Waste Time

Nothing motivates like a ticking clock. Include a built-in timer to keep participants focused and on task. It also levels the playing field, giving everyone the same amount of time to give their answers.

Sights and Sounds

Upload everything from images of equations, audio clips to be identified and much more. Our media options increase interactivity without having to direct to other sites and away from the quiz.

Take a Quiz Anywhere

Use-case to conduct a quiz: For Business, For training, for Education, for Market Research, For Marketing, For Fun, Social Quiz, For Quality Lead-gen

Taking a quiz or a test conjures images of being stuck at a desk in a classroom, scribbling away as fast as possible, hoping you won’t run out of time before completion.

SoGoSurvey’s Assessment Tool gives administrator and participants tremendous flexibility and control when it comes to how they respond.

You can start on one device and complete on another so long as the timer period has not ended. Start mobile and complete on a desktop or vice versa.

Expand your options beyond the traditional test environments with our assessment tool today.

Questions That Matter

Lots of services get caught up in asking what’s the difference between a quiz and test? The better question is what types of questions do you need to ask in order to get the information you want from participants?

Single Select Question

Prevent spamming and lock participants in to a single answer.

Multi Select Grid

For complex ideas that include more than one feature.

Gives the chance for full or partial credit on a question.

Image Choice

Use multiple images to help test for recall and/or pattern recognition.

Secure More Than the Answers

SoGoSurvey works to provide templates and question formats for our quizzes that are easily accessible and simple to navigate. Our approach to data security, however, is complex and robust.

Nobody should be able to access anything without your permission, whether it's an unlaunched quiz, a collection of results, or a contact list of training participants.

From day one, our engineers have worked to ensure that the only people accessing your data and designs are your team members, and that all of your contacts and results are completely secure.

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