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Legal and Compliance Surveys

Cultivate a culture of listening. Make evidence-based decisions to strengthen your law practice.

Get the evidence you need to drive results

Lawyers know better than anyone that making decisions based on concrete data beats making blind assumptions. When it comes to firm management, that same principle applies – only by listening to your clients, attorneys, and staff can you really understand the client experience, your firm’s culture and environment, and your exposure to risk. Convenient, affordable, and immensely productive, our online legal surveys give you a window into the life of your firm. Using them regularly, you can confirm your firm’s strengths and inform your growth strategy – or for that matter, reveal declining morale, missed business opportunities, or accumulated liabilities.

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Drive on the right side of the regulatory road

Keep your team in line and on point with compliance targets. Implementing a systematic approach to measuring and improving company-wide security and compliance is critical to both the success and survival of your organization. Compliance surveys are just one of the tools companies use to evaluate the effectiveness of their compliance programs. Online surveys efficiently and cost-effectively help evaluate and manage compliance, and determine what kind of training or resources your employees need to avoid workplace issues, regulatory missteps, data breaches, conflicts of interest, and fraud.

Our online survey platform makes it easy to create comprehensive compliance and risk assessment surveys tailored to your particular industry requirements and regulations. Using a variety of question types, design engaging quizzes and questionnaires to test employees’ knowledge and assess your team’s strengths and skills. Determine whether training initiatives are successful with pre- and post-training assessments, and track improvements and progress over time.

Employees can rate their overall knowledge on a scale of 1 to 5, for example, and you can assign scores to specific answers, providing clear, quantitative results in minutes. Even define triggers for certain scores or results to instantly alert you to high-priority issues. Our best-in-class reports help you share actionable metrics that show the effectiveness of your compliance programs and identify high-need areas to prove your case for more education and resources.

Top-tier data privacy and security

We don’t take any risks when it comes to your data. We maintain the highest standards of SSL encryption and authentication, perform daily security scans, and host data in world-class data centers. Users can only access the survey platform within your network, and we track each time they log in and out. When handling your data, we comply with the U.S. and International Certifications for data privacy and security. For our complete data security and privacy guarantee, click here.


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