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Training Evaluation Form

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While there’s always plenty to learn, a training experience can inspire informed follow-up action or suggestions for improvement. Collect feedback regarding objectives, trainings, and trainers to ensure the best possible experience for all.

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Training Evaluation Form

Training Evaluation Form


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Training Evaluation Form

How effective was your latest training or professional development offering? Whether you were an organizer, trainer, or participant, chances are you entered with different goals than others had in mind, and you may have left with a different view of the experience. Since every training experience is determined by those involved, all feedback matters.

The Training Evaluation Form collects feedback following a professional development or training session. Feedback is collected on the goals, the materials, the presenter, and the application to the participants’ work. While every lesson may not be immediately put into practice, it’s critical that the experience offers true value to participants rather than lip service to the idea of professional development.

Purposeful, high-quality training can make the difference between a team that is underskilled and poorly motivated to a team that is inspired and effective. Be sure your team is receiving the best possible training by collecting feedback regularly and taking follow-up action as needed.

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