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Everyone from beginners to seasoned pros can create surveys that generate meaningful data using SoGoSurvey's comprehensive array of powerful, intuitive online survey tools.

All The Survey Tools You’ll Need

SoGoSurvey has built the industry’s most secure and versatile survey platform. Start designing new surveys and campaigns today.

1.Survey Design:

You shouldn't need a design degree to create attractive online surveys that strengthen your brand. We've done the hard part by creating the best survey tool and installing all the templates and question models you'll ever need.

2.Survey Distribution:

Combine your customer understanding with our technology to connect with your audience in the most impactful way. Reach any device at any time and track participation to boost response rates.


Review and share live reports immediately -- no number-crunching delays required. Start growing your market intelligence today.

4.Data Management:

Your data is protected by stringent security protocols, but accessible to you whenever and wherever you need it.

Built by Experts, Created for Everyone

Many survey providers require you to rely on their support and expertise at every stage.

Our goal is to empower our users from the moment they launch their account with SoGoSurvey.

Anyone who can surf online can navigate our system and create amazing surveys. Intuitive design, integrated help, and user-driven updates ensure our system is accessible and productive for all of our clients.

  • Web access from anywhere in the world
  • Native web app for iOS and Android
  • Instant notifications for tagged responses
  • 24/7/365 Support

Best Practices in Practice

At the heart of the growth and development of the SoGoSurvey platform is a dedication to making powerful online survey tools as accessible as possible.

Traditional Design Tools

Both new and loyal customers rave about the ease-of-use of our online survey design and distribution features. With drag-and-drop editing, seamless embedding, and link sharing on social media, our platform makes it easy to create online surveys you'll be proud to share.

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Full Brand Control

We provide you with complete control over your survey's appearance. Showcase your brand using your logo, colors and fonts, or design attractive, brand-neutral anonymous surveys. The choice is up to you.

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Automate the Automation

Never miss a complaint or suggestion again. Enable integrations and automation to streamline your workflows and bolster your learning every step of the way.

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Reports That Deliver

SoGoSurvey's powerful reports provide automatic analysis and slice-and-dice intelligence to build a foundation of actionable data that can lead your organization to new heights.

Showcase your findings in beautiful data visualization, including word clouds that offer a clear picture of your findings.

Use these reports to correlate valuable data captured to gain actionable insights.

Pull your data into manageable pieces, highlighting different learnings and opportunities. These reports can be the key to innovation in the marketplace.

Supporting Builders Worldwide.*

*Just a Sample of our Busy Customers.

“Above all I am very happy with the support that SoGoSurvey gives to its customers. The service is easy to use as well. I am looking forward to what new things we will be able to do with our surveys.”

Lori Laraia

Office Manager


Unlimited Questions

A good survey is like an engaging conversation. Don’t cut it short! A variety of question types enhances the quality of the conversation, from Image Choice and Symbol Rating Scale to Matrix Grid and Net Promoter Score questions. Balance quantitative data and qualitative data, too, by including Text Box questions to hear from participants in their own words. Your reports are driven by the questions in your survey, which means you need all the best question types, the right language, and the perfect delivery. SoGoSurvey’s intuitive interface makes it easy to get in all the questions you need by simply dragging and dropping onto your survey canvas.

Unlimited Surveys

Once you see how simple it is to start collecting feedback, it’s easy to find feedback collection and data management opportunities around every corner. That’s why SoGoSurvey doesn’t limit the number of surveys you can create in your account. You might start out with a single goal, like finding out how satisfied your customers are. But what about your employees? You might be interested in a performance evaluation system or an Employee 360, or might just want to plan your next team potluck lunch! We all need answers, and learning never ends. Enjoy unlimited surveys and keep the answers coming.

Drag & Drop Interface

Drag and drop — how do we love thee? Let us count the ways. Well, first there’s the simple and clear UI that presents a palette of question types and a blank canvas to build upon. Then, there’s the helpful examples and descriptions for each question type that clarify the best uses rather than forcing users into trial and error building and rebuilding. Don’t forget the fact that questions can be dropped onto templates from the Survey Bank, too, customizing the experience even when you’re not starting from scratch. Want more? Don’t forget the ability to drag and drop a page break to keep your survey flowing forward, or the choice to add a CAPTCHA validation field to keep out the bots.

Skip Logic

Want higher response rates and better quality data? Of course! Skip logic makes it easier to ask participants only the questions that they can answer. You might need to show a quick follow-up question based on an earlier condition — you can only ask about a course’s quality from someone who attended! — or send different participants down separate paths, as needed. Whether your conditions are based on answers to a single question or multiple questions, fine tune the conversation to make the most out of every response. Plus, your data quality improves when participants provide only meaningful responses. Logic makes it possible!

Real-time Tracking

From the moment you send out your survey, you need to know what’s coming back in. Whether you publish through one or multiple channels — a single-use email invitation or an SMS, a survey embedded on your website or a post on your Facebook page — track all participation and responses from a clear and convenient tracking dashboard. Whether you’re looking for participation metadata or complete results, your answers are ready when you are. Use live results to find out who needs a reminder and where to target strategic communication before the survey closes. Until then, share dynamic reports with your team to keep everyone in the loop.

Powerful Reports

You’re in it for the answers, and SoGoSurvey delivers results! Whether you’re looking for simple bar graphs or complex segmentation and filters, our powerful reporting module makes it easy to uncover insights from every angle. Run cross tab reports to investigate potential correlation between employee satisfaction and tenure, analyze statistics across budget categories, or calculate engagement levels by department. Hear from customers in their own language with word clouds and open-ended response analysis. Customize and save reports, email dynamic links to enable real-time tracking, and download presentation-ready versions in your preferred format. Keep your data secure and tell a powerful story by delivering results from our comprehensive platform.

5 Benefits of Online Survey Tools

  • Manage your projects - not the other way around!
    Online survey tools simplify your work by taking the brainstorms and drafts off of your plate and loading your ideas into a secure, collaborative work environment. No more reliance on post-it notes and conflicting versions. No more struggling to coordinate responses received from multiple channels. You’re not in this alone anymore. You’ll be able to design together with your team, coordinate distribution, and run all the reports you need to drill down on findings. Transparency, improved flow, and a one-stop-shop for your feedback management. What’s not to love?
  • Get a head start
    Whether you’re staring at a whiteboard, a blank piece of paper, or a blinking cursor, it can be hard to kick off a project — and even harder to plan for every single step of the process to come. The best survey tools provide sample survey templates to help you get started, whether they provide inspiration, a few key items to add to your Question Bank, or even a full template to be tweaked slightly before rolling out. Beyond just content, you want sample survey styles, email templates, and more. You should never be restricted to just templates, but they can provide a great head start.
  • Customize the participant experience
    To start with, getting the right look is critical in building your brand and ensuring you’re growing the relationship with your audience. From your own logo and exact brand colors in the survey, match your email invitations to your own style guide. Plus, online survey tools can ensure participants only see relevant questions by using skip logic and branching. Asking questions to only those who can provide meaningful answers means you end up with better quality data, and your participants are more likely to be engaged throughout.
  • Bring more power to your analysis
    If you’ve been looking at results across spreadsheets, in multiple tools, or even in piles of paper surveys, chances are pretty good that the best survey tools can make your life much much better. Nothing against spreadsheets and macros, but you shouldn’t have to be a research guru to understand your results. Your results should be available in real time to you and your team, and you should be able to slice and dice your data however and whenever you want. You’ll be surprised how easy it is to generate and present good-looking data, even for your very first survey.
  • Automation gives you back your time
    Stop thinking about discrete tasks and start thinking about flow. If you’d like a thank-you email to go out to your participants after they respond, it’s totally possible to make it happen automatically. If think it would be great to know right away any time gives you a low (or high!) NPS, you’re right — and it’s easier than you think. From a platform’s own features to native integrations, and from Zapier to API, you’ll find plenty of options to save your time and improve efficiency.

Why SoGoSurvey?

Powerful Analytics

You’re doing a survey because you need answers. You need answers because you need to take action, to make decisions, and to inform your next steps. Why risk collecting data that you can’t understand? Clients who choose SoGoSurvey tell us that our reports deliver the answers they need in the format they’re looking for — and all in a fraction of the time they’d expect. Share real-time results throughout your survey window, or download presentation-ready reports to present to your key stakeholders. Set filters and conditions or use segmentation and comparison to learn all you can from your results, and track metadata to learn everything you need to know about participants’ experiences in order to improve future studies.

Solid Support

When you’re working on a project, there’s nothing better than knowing you’re not in it alone. Whether it’s during the workday or over the weekend, we know you need to get it done — and get it done right, on time and under budget. Start with a customized onboarding session to get off to a solid start. If you prefer the self-service approach, you’ll find a full range of tutorials, best practices, and FAQs in our User Guide, an impressive array of clearly delivered videos in our Video Library, and help tips throughout the platform. If you prefer, you can connect with our support team through a number of channels. Based on your account type, you might be engaging by email, chat, phone, or even consultations with our experts. Depending on your needs, we can build your survey for you or manage your entire project from start to finish.

Driven by Feedback

It’s not just our business, it’s our practice. Feedback drives improvements for our clients, and feedback drives our own improvements, too. Our team members learn from our clients’ experiences and study each particular use case to better understand how we can help to improve their workflows, simplify their processes, and automate their success. As our users’ needs evolve, so does our offering, and we’re always open to new ideas. Every user can submit suggestions directly from their own account, and every year we roll out hundreds of improvements, continuing our growth and our clients’ growth. Feedback matters, and we’re committed to listening closely and building better.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I boost response rates?
Everyone wants good data, and that comes from asking the right people the right questions at the right time and through the right channel. Simple enough, right? Start by considering your audience and your topic. If your subject doesn’t resonate with your audience, stop right there. To see higher response rates, fine tune your message and your participant group to make the connection. From there, consider timing and channels. How and when would be best to connect with participants? Just like any other conversation, you’ll get the best response when you’re well prepared.
Can I customize the survey for each participant?
Definitely, and you absolutely should. Simple style choices across all of your surveys are a good place to start, and even many free survey tools will let you make these updates. To personalize your surveys, though, consider more advanced options like piping answer options into later questions or answer sets, single- or multi-question skip logic, and even automated follow-up emails based on your selected conditions. Your email invitations can be customized, too, using mail merge to add in names, roles, locations, and more. The more personalized the experience, the more likely your participants are to stay engaged and to submit responses.
What features are available?
We have a pretty solution-oriented approach, but of course we have a wide range of features and options. Want to see a long list? We've got one of those! Want to learn more about each of those features? We invite you to check out our User Guide or our Video Library, or even talk to a real person about your needs. From skip logic to cross tab reports, and from multilingual to multi-use links, we’ve got more than enough options to customize your project.
How can I see how all the features work before I choose my plan?
Once you’ve reviewed our plans, signing up for a free trial is a smart move. You’ll be able to explore everything on your own, and test how our features can help to meet your needs. Whether you’re building a survey for the first time or switching from another provider, the proof is in the product -- you can see and experience it for yourself! Your trial includes the features of the plan you choose, and no credit card is required. You’ll enjoy a week of free survey tool exploration before you decide on your next steps. Want to check in with our experts and set up a free customized demo? We’re ready for you.


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