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That’s no small claim, but we stand by it, and our customers agree. Experience the SoGoSurvey difference and you’ll find way more than a simple survey tool.

All The Survey Tools You’ll Need

SoGoSurvey has built the industry’s most secure and versatile survey platform. Start designing new surveys and campaigns today.

1.Survey Design:

You shouldn't need a design degree to create attractive online surveys that strengthen your brand. We've done the hard part by creating the best survey tool and installing all the templates and question models you'll ever need.

2.Survey Distribution:

Combine your customer understanding with our technology to connect with your audience in the most impactful way. Reach any device at any time and track participation to boost response rates.


Review and share live reports immediately -- no number-crunching delays required. Start growing your market intelligence today.

4.Data Management:

Your data is protected by stringent security protocols, but accessible to you whenever and wherever you need it.

Get the Right Answers, Securely

Explore from a wide range of industry-specific survey templates and advanced features to simplify data collection. Our online survey tool offers a suite of tools and resources to handle virtually any project securely with top grade security compliances at its core.

Simple + Powerful
Our online survey tool is intuitive enough for anyone to use, while still delivering advanced analytics.
Reach Your Audience Anywhere
Increase audience engagement by delivering a responsive experience on any device.
Expert Help, Just a Click Away
Our team of designers, technical specialists, engineers, and account managers deliver support around the clock across all channels.
Real-Time Analytics
Don’t wait for answers. From the moment you publish, our online survey software’s analytics engine delivers instant results.

Integrations at the Ready

Experience automated ease.

Our online survey platform seamlessly integrates hundreds of essential programs like Salesforce, Slack, Zapier, and Basecamp.

Easy for Beginners, Powerful for Experts

Empowering users from the moment they launch their SoGoSurvey account, our intuitive platform is easy to use and equipped with powerful, advanced features.

Everyone can create amazing surveys! Whether you’re a beginner or an expert, explore our integrated help options, user-driven updates, and AI-powered analytics to give you focused and actionable insights, no matter the industry.

Surveys that Adapt

The best survey platform to engage participants, SoGoSurvey’s advanced design options reduce survey fatigue and boost response rates. Features like branching, skip logic, and pre-population make participation easy.

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Worldwide Broadcast

From beautiful email invitations to quick SMS invites, and from embedded forms to password-only access, our platform offers dozens of distribution options. Meet your participants on their preferred channels to make data collection easier all around.

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Ready to Share Results

Real-time report links deliver dynamic results to key team members while your project is live. Then, take what you've learned and run with it! Our online survey platform provides extensive publishing and reporting options so you can share as much or as little as you want with anyone you choose.

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Survey Templates for Every Market

Hundreds of hours have been devoted to the design, development, and optimization of our best-in-class survey templates. No matter your industry, your target demographic, or the types of questions you need to ask, SoGoSurvey can get you started on your next campaign today.

Branded and Secure Online Survey Platform

Because your data matters to you, security is one of our core values.

All of our systems are continually updated to maintain the most rigorous security protocols to safeguard your work and reputation.

Why SoGoSurvey?

Powerful Analytics

You’re doing a survey because you need answers. You need answers because you need to take action, to make decisions, and to inform your next steps. Why collect data that you can’t understand? Clients who choose SoGoSurvey tell us that our reports deliver the answers they need in the format they’re looking for — and all in a fraction of the time they’d expect.

Share real-time results throughout your survey window or download presentation-ready reports to present to your key stakeholders. Set filters and conditions or use segmentation and comparison to learn all you can from your results, and track metadata to learn everything you need to know about participants’ experiences in order to improve future studies.

Solid Support

When you’re working on a project, there’s nothing better than knowing you’re not in it alone. Whether it’s during the workday or over the weekend, we know you need to get it done — and get it done right, on time and under budget. Start with a customized onboarding session to get off to a solid start. If you prefer the self-service approach, you will find a full range of tutorials, best practices, and FAQs in our User Guide, an impressive array of clearly delivered videos in our Video Library, and help tips throughout the platform. If you prefer, you can connect with our support team through a number of channels as well. Based on your account type, you can engage by email, chat, phone, or even consultations with our experts. Depending on your needs, we can even build your survey for you or manage your entire project from start to finish.

Driven by Feedback

It’s not just our business, it’s our practice. Feedback drives improvements for our clients, and feedback drives our own improvements, too. Our team members study each particular use case to better understand how we can help improve your workflows, simplify your processes, and automate your success. As client needs evolve, so does our offering, and we’re always open to new ideas.

When inspiration strikes, submit suggestions directly from your account. Every year we roll out hundreds of improvements, continuing our growth alongside yours.

Feedback matters, and we’re committed to listening closely and building better.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I boost response rates?
Everyone wants good data, and that comes from asking the right people the right questions at the right time and through the right channel. Simple enough, right? Start by considering your audience and your topic. If your subject doesn’t resonate with your audience, stop right there. To see higher response rates, fine tune your message and your participant group to make the connection. From there, consider timing and channels. How and when would it be best to connect with participants? Just like any other conversation, you’ll get the best response when you’re well prepared.
Can I customize the survey for each participant?
Definitely, and you absolutely should. Simple style choices across all of your surveys are a good place to start, and even many free survey tools will let you make these updates. To personalize your surveys, though, consider more advanced options like piping answer options into later questions or answer sets, single- or multi-question skip logic, and even automated follow-up emails based on your selected conditions. Your email invitations can be customized, too, using mail merge to add in names, roles, locations, and more. The more personalized the experience, the more likely your participants are to stay engaged and to submit responses.
What features are available?
We have a pretty solution-oriented approach, but of course we have a wide range of features and options. Want to see a long list? We've got one of those! Want to learn more about each of those features? We invite you to check out our User Guide or our Video Library, or even talk to a real person about your needs. From skip logic to cross tab reports, and from multilingual to multi-use links, we’ve got more than enough options to customize your project.
How can I see how all the features work before I choose my plan?
Once you’ve reviewed our plans, signing up for a free trial is a smart move. You’ll be able to explore everything on your own, and test how our features can help to meet your needs. Whether you’re building a survey for the first time or switching from another provider, the proof is in the product -- you can see and experience it for yourself! Your trial includes the features of the plan you choose, and no credit card is required. You’ll enjoy a week of free survey tool exploration before you decide on your next steps. Want to check in with our experts and set up a free customized demo? We’re ready for you.

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