Online Survey Tools for All.

Everyone from beginners to seasoned pros can create surveys that generate meaningful data using SoGoSurvey’s comprehensive array of powerful, intuitive online survey tools.

All The Survey Tools You’ll Need

SoGoSurvey has built the industry’s most secure and versatile survey platform. Start designing new surveys and campaigns today.

1.Survey Design:

You shouldn't need a design degree to create attractive online surveys that strengthen your brand. We've done the hard part by creating the best survey tool and installing all the templates and question models you'll ever need.

2.Survey Distribution:

Combine your customer understanding with our technology to connect with your audience in the most impactful way. Reach any device at any time and track participation to boost response rates.


Review and share live reports immediately -- no number-crunching delays required. Start growing your market intelligence today.

4.Data Management:

Your data is protected by stringent security protocols, but accessible to you whenever and wherever you need it.

Built by Experts, Created for Everyone

Many survey providers require you to rely on their support and expertise at every stage.

Our goal is to empower our users from the moment they launch their account with SoGoSurvey.

Anyone who can surf online can navigate our system and create amazing surveys. Intuitive design, integrated help, and user-driven updates ensure our system is accessible and productive for all of our clients.

  • Web access from anywhere in the world
  • Native web app for iOS and Android
  • Instant notifications for tagged responses
  • 24/7/365 Support

Best Practices in Practice

At the heart of the growth and development of the SoGoSurvey platform is a dedication to making powerful online survey tools as accessible as possible.

Traditional Design Tools

Both new and loyal customers rave about the ease-of-use of our online survey design and distribution features. With drag-and-drop editing, seamless embedding, and link sharing on social media, our platform makes it easy to create online surveys you'll be proud to share.

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Full Brand Control

We provide you with complete control over your survey's appearance. Showcase your brand using your logo, colors and fonts, or design attractive, brand-neutral anonymous surveys. The choice is up to you.

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Automate the Automation

Never miss a complaint or suggestion again. Enable integrations and automation to streamline your workflows and bolster your learning every step of the way.

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Reports That Grade Themselves

SoGoSurvey's powerful reports provide automatic analysis and slice-and-dice intelligence to build a foundation of actionable data that can lead your organization to new heights.

Showcase your findings in beautiful data visualization, including word clouds that offer a clear picture of your findings.

Use these reports to correlate valuable data captured to gain actionable insights.

Pull your data into manageable pieces, highlighting different learnings and opportunities. These reports can be the key to innovation in the marketplace.

Supporting Builders Worldwide.*

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“Above all I am very happy with the support that SoGoSurvey gives to its customers. The service is easy to use as well. I am looking forward to what new things we will be able to do with our surveys.”

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