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Understand Everything About Your Greatest Resource – Your Employees

Motivation. Engagement. Satisfaction. SoGoSurvey’s EX Platform and our employee experience surveys give you the tools need to gather, analyze and utilize data for true employee development.

We’ve Got all the Resources You’ll Ever Need, Just add Humans

Benefits. Culture. A lifelong Dream. Opportunity. A Steady Paycheck.

These are just a few factors that motivate employees in any organization. Its time for you to discover what matters to your employees by creating a effective, continuing, and secure dialogue with our employee experience survey platform.

Our EX platform is designed to connect your employees to surveys, quizzes, training, and other tools that will create true engagement.

All Phases of the Employee Life Cycle

From the moment a new hire walks in the door until their last day, employees are a source of vital knowledge in your organization. Getting the most of your employees requires active employee experience management, not simply reactive problem solving. SoGoSurvey’s EX platform helps you mine every facet of the employee experience providing truly actionable data via employee engagement and satisfaction surveys and a fully confidential system. Our employee survey tool can spark real dialogue across the divide between management and staff.


A good start matters. Find out how to improve the process by finding out what’s resonating with new hires.


Communicating with Human Resources shouldn’t just be for solving problems. Use the platform to encourage and develop true engagement.


Assess knowledge gaps and skill needs, then deliver targeted professional development to support growth.


From self-evaluation to training follow-ups, check how far your team has come, highlighting successes and identifying areas for improvement.

Exit Interview

Not all departures are created equal. Reduce attrition by using data gained in exit interviews.

Easy to Deploy. Fully Engaged. Completely Confidential.

Our employee experience survey platform helps you overcome the two biggest hurdles in collecting actionable data on employee satisfaction.

Easy and Open

Our platform is designed for users of any skill level to quickly deploy employee experience surveys, employee assessments, quiz, or dozens of other kinds of engagements. Each of our templates is optimized to help you gain the most out of your projects.

Private and Secure

One of the main barriers to employee engagement is a fear of being punished or judged for honest responses. Our system allows for true anonymity for all participants. Managers and department heads get all the data they need, while employees are protected.

Real People. Real Data.

Our data collection, management, and analytics are built into every aspect of our employee experience survey software. Send the right information to the right people without having to micromanage the process

  • Follow real-time trends in employee behavior and beliefs with data-rich reports.
  • Track changes and updates, allowing department and team leads to truly lead their staff and build on success.

Growing the Ranks of Engaged Employees Worldwide

Hundreds of companies around the global use our EX platform to improve Employee Engagement, reduce attrition, and improve their bottom line.

“I tried another survey tool and it just wasn’t sophisticated enough to provide the results I needed. The branching and logic in SoGoSurvey was easier to use and it gave me the data I required.”

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