Comprehensive Employee Experience Management Surveys

Our secure employee experience survey platform helps you gather, analyze, and mobilize employee data to transform your workplace, attract better candidates, and improve employee retention.

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Prioritize Your People

Powerful, Secure, and Flexible Employee Experience Survey Software

What motivates your employees? What do they value? What would they change? Improve employee experience management by focusing on what matters to them.

SoGoSurvey EX opens channels of communication between management and staff. Our employee survey software creates a safe, open space for honest feedback and an exchange of ideas. Connect with employees through engaging, attractive surveys and quizzes that attract lots of high-quality responses.

End-to-End Employee Experience Management

The employee experience begins in the interview process. Start capturing valuable opinions, observations, and feedback from Day One. Using our secure employee experience management platform, keep exploring every aspect of the employee experience and gather actionable, quality data at every point in the employee lifecycle.


Use our employee survey tool to find out what’s resonating with new hires, and improve the onboarding process.


Encourage open communication between employees and Human Resources with secure, confidential, and anonymous employee experience surveys.


Assess your employees' knowledge gaps and skills needs, then deliver targeted professional development.


Use survey results to highlight team successes and identify areas for improvement through self-evaluations, training follow-ups, and team performance reviews.

Exit Interview

Not all departures are created equal. Our employee survey tool generates exit interview insights that can help reduce future attrition.

Employee Experience Surveys as They Should Be: Easy. Engaging. Intuitive. Private.

SoGoSurvey EX helps you easily and quickly collect honest, specific, useful feedback. Our employee experience survey software is designed to overcome any obstacles to gathering quality, actionable data that will improve employee experience management and drive organization-wide changes.

Easy and Flexible

Users of any skill level can jump right in and administer professional employee experience surveys, assessments, quizzes, polls, and more. Our employee survey templates are optimized to help pros and novices alike get the most out of their efforts.

Private, Anonymous, and Secure

Employee engagement rises when employees feel they can speak freely. Our employee experience survey software protects participants' confidentiality and the employee surveys can provide anonymity.

Captivating Dashboards and Clear Reports

Advanced data collection, management, and analytics are built into every aspect of our employee experience survey software.

  • Follow real-time trends in employee behavior and beliefs with data-rich employee experience reports.
  • Track patterns and changes over time to provide department and team leads with the information they need to be effective managers and build on success.

Our Employee Experience Surveys Grow the Ranks of Engaged Employees Worldwide

Hundreds of companies around the globe use our online employee survey tool to improve employee engagement, reduce attrition, and improve their bottom line.

“I tried another employee survey tool and it just wasn’t sophisticated enough to provide the results I needed. The branching and logic in SoGoSurvey is powerful and easier to use and gave me the data I required.”

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