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As a successful human capital consultancy in Columbia serving Fortune 500 companies across Latin America for 5 years, TIMEOUT needed a more robust survey and questionnaire tool to serve clients across a wide spectrum of industries.


TIMEOUT needed a survey tool they could customize and deploy quickly to meet the needs of a diverse range of clients. Their first attempt to meet this need involved hiring a developer to build an appropriate tool in-house. This process proved to be far too complicated, time consuming, and expensive.

The team at TIMEOUT realized that survey development was not a part of their core competencies and that their clients would benefit most if they focused on their true expertise. As a result, they began to explore available solutions for off-the-shelf platforms to meet the needs of their busy consultancy.

Many of the options they first examined failed to live up to their expectations and professional standards. It was imperative that they find a resource that conveyed to their clients that they were experienced professionals utilizing pro-grade tools and methodologies.



Connecting people with strategy, TIMEOUT provides organizations with valuable consultancy to innovate and build more effective teams. TIMEOUT builds and deploys simple but strong processes to facilitate growth of people and organizations.


TIMEOUT found just such a resource when they discovered SoGoSurvey. Immediately the consultants at TIMEOUT were able to create branded and engaging surveys that met the needs of a vast array of clients.

The ability to maintain anonymity gives our clients confidence to trust us with sensitive information.

- Jorge Ramírez, Partner/Project Consultant, TIMEOUT

: Jorge Ramirez, Partner/Project Consultant, TIMEOUT


  • Simple

From the very beginning, TIMEOUT was easily able to organize tasks, surveys, and data due the straightforward and intuitive nature of the platform. Plus, utilizing folders and other functionality allowed team collaboration to take place seamlessly. As Project Consultant Jorge Ramírez explains, “The tools in SoGoSurvey can do anything we need them to yet remain simple and easy to use.”

Immediately the consultants at TIMEOUT were able to create branded and engaging surveys that met the needs of a vast array of clients.

  • Powerful

Every client scenario required a customized approach and solution. TIMEOUT consultants needed flexible tools that would allow them to obtain the data required to deliver valuable analysis and recommendations to their clients. The team now relies heavily on SoGoSurvey’s powerful reporting capability to quickly and easily create insightful reports.

  • Secure

It was mission critical for TIMEOUT to find a solution that instilled trust in their clients from the onset. SoGoSurvey’s anonymity and robust security features were crucial in convincing clients that their data is handled using industry-leading security technologies in Class A, Tier One facilities.

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