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Keep it simple. Survey.

SoGoSurvey makes it easy to collect plenty of candid, quality responses – data that can really make a difference. Surveys are a snap to set up and painless to take, so you’ll have results in no time. Try it for yourself – for free!

Studies suggest over 80% of the worldwide workforce is disengaged. Disengaged employees lead to dissatisfied customers, churn leads to loss of
revenue – the impact is staggering. Positive engagement helps your environment, innovation, growth – and your bottom line.

SoGoSurvey helps to make HR professionals make a difference every day. Sign up now, and take control of your future.


Employee Satisfaction

Measuring employee satisfaction is the first step toward an engaged, productive workplace. Whether it’s a quick check-in or a review of internal operations, ensuring all’s well with your team goes a long way toward ensuring all’s well with your business.

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Performance Appraisal

A systematic approach to evaluation offers employees a clear understanding of how and when they will be reviewed, the goals they should be working toward, and their success over time.

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Quick, easy, and powerful

Quick, easy, and powerful

What learning curve? Our platform’s so intuitive, you’ll drag and drop like a pro and start gathering responses in no time.

Top-notch support

Top-notch support, 24/7

Our support team of real live humans fields questions into the wee hours and beyond. Connect one on one with survey experts.

Expert Analysis

Expert analysis for everyone

Bring your expertise and we’ll bring ours. Our industry-leading reports are presentation-ready in just a few clicks. Get snapshots as you go, or drill down to identify issues and trends.

Provide employees a safe space

Provide employees a safe space

People are 3x more likely to respond to anonymous surveys. Ensure privacy and security and you’ll get their candid feedback.

Pre-fill known data

Pre-fill known data

Why ask for information you already know? Pre-population shortens your survey so you get more responses and better data.

The right tool, the right terms

The right tool, the right terms

Just need to run one survey? No problem. Info-hungry? Sign on annually. That’s between you and our flexible, affordable subscription options.

I use SoGo to collect input for everything from true survey-type questions to nominations for awards to prioritized submissions for training seats. And that’s all on top of my original use case which was self-assessments of our team’s technical skills.
Lynn Gates, Director, Americas Systems Engineering Development
Juniper Networks

Need a head start? Our polished, proven templates get you off and running!

Employee Engagement Survey

Employee Engagement Survey

Are your employees whistling while they work, or watching cat videos? Get the skinny with questions based on our 8 Employee Engagement Drivers

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Manager Effectiveness Survey

Manager Effectiveness Survey

Eavesdropping at the water cooler? Unreliable. Bugging the break room? Illegal. take the high road: our survey will give you the low-down on management-employee relations.

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Employee Work-Life Balance

Keep your team satisfied and retain them longer with a regular assessment of how well they are able to balance both personal and professional goals.

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Employee Exit Survey

Employee Exit Survey

Good people move on – make sure it’s for the right reasons. These thoughtful questions reveal negative patterns that may be draining your talent pool.

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Company Culture Survey

Ensure the best environment to improve morale and business. It’s not all fun and games, but the right culture makes a big difference.

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Employee Benefits Survey

Find out which benefits work, and which need work. Keep employees satisfied and they’ll stick with you.

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Run Insightful reports

Put the squeeze on your data with best-in-class reporting

You know your organization better than we do, so we put the tools in your hands: a full suite of powerful, out-of-the-box reports and endless ways to tailor them to your advantage.

Flexible, customizable, and intuitive, our reports let you quickly sift through responses and isolate data using your own criteria, like departments, locations, or teams. Compare results within a date range, or by a specific question or benchmark. You can easily delve deeper to reveal weaknesses and bright spots, and generate engagement scores based on 8 proven drivers of employee enthusiasm and productivity. With all of that intelligence, management can make impactful adjustments and drive long-lasting, game-changing results.

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