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Building an Engaged Employee Base Begins Here

Your employees' needs are as diverse as they are, but they all want to work for an organization that cares. Our employee engagement survey tools help you boost engagement to offer an unmatched employee experience.

Empower Your Organization to Defy Expectations of Engagement

Employee Engagement is often a talking point for CEOs and Presidents, but they aren’t the ones who need employee engagement survey tools the most.

Managers from Accounting to HR to IT are the front line of improving employee engagement and satisfaction. That’s why SoGoSurvey’s employee engagement platform. sets all managers up for success with easy-to-use survey tools and resources.

  • Gather real, useful data quickly by starting with one of our professionally designed templates.
  • Monitor real-time results to address issues as they develop.
  • Share data across departments to improve efficiency and address company-wide questions.

A Personal Touch Delivered Company Wide

As with customers, employees need to feel like you’re addressing their needs, not just spamming their inboxes. When crafting employee survey questions, you have to strike a balance between getting the information you need and not forcing your staff into binary choices. Our employee engagement survey templates and tools provide the structure you need to enhance all your intra-company dialogues.

Tailor Customized Messages

You’ve got all the contact information you’ll ever need for your employees, so don’t waste that data on impersonal messaging that will lead to bland and empty data. Our EX platform lets you tailor engagements based on dozens of factors, give you the power to make a real connection with your employees.

Security Comes Standard

Privacy isn’t just about protecting password logins. SoGoSurvey’s team of engineers are dedicated to both those types of threats. Our security protocols allow participants to be certain that all messaging that you establish as anonymous will stay that way.

Reporting and Tools That Make Real Sense to Real People

Don’t waste time reviewing metrics that don’t matter. Get to the heart of what your organization needs.

  • Auto-fill data from personnel records for shorter and more engaging outreaches.
  • Connect with our support team around the clock for the help you need, whenever you need it.
  • Focus on the data that matters most by choosing from our survey template bank and customizing to meet your specific needs.
  • Interdepartmental reporting prevents gaps in coverage and allows leaders to build on past successes.

Growing the Ranks of Engaged Employees Worldwide

Hundreds of companies around the global use our EX platform to improve employee engagement, reduce attrition, and improve their bottom line

“My favorite things about SoGoSurvey are the intuitive interface, powerful customization, individual reports, and quick/friendly support.”

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