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SoGoSurvey’s online poll maker software is designed with the big picture in mind. Create online polls that use brief interactions as building blocks for large projects.

With customer feedback from autogenerated polls, you can respond to negative experiences and cultivate engaged customers. Social media-based polls build your brand and extend your reach. Anonymous employee polls gather frank responses and quickly inform decisions.

SoGoSurvey's online poll maker can help organizations capture all the opportunities polling presents.

Create a poll that really rates

Our no-fuss features make a poll go from question to answer in no time!

Pre-Designed Online Poll Templates

Keep it simple by choosing a ready-to-go template or make a poll from scratch to match your website.

Share Polls Anywhere

Expand your audience by posting your online poll on Facebook and Twitter, on websites, and within newsletters and emails.

Brand and Customize your Poll

Style your online poll with your brand colors and fonts, add your logo, match the design of communications and promotions.

Mobile Ready Poll

Reach participants anywhere, at any time, on any device. Create a poll that’s ready for quick and easy access on iPhone, iPad, Android, and other mobile devices.

Real-time Poll Reports

View results in as responses come in and generate instant reports to give even anonymous participants immediate satisfaction.

Polls Right Now

Conduct your online poll on the fly. Generate information and view live results instantly as responses come in. Try the best, free online poll now!

Multilingual Polls

SoGoSurvey’s online poll maker software supports 37 languages using automatic translation, allowing you to gather input from a much wider audience.

One Participant, One Response

SoGoSurvey’s advanced online polling software allows you to limit each participant to one response. Avoid ballot box stuffing and maintain data integrity.

Embed Multimedia

Add visuals, music, or video to your online poll. Enhancing appearance, providing valuable material, and increasing engagement – adding media is a winning strategy.

Fun, Easy, and Robust

When you see how easy it is to create a poll online, you’ll find all kinds of reasons to ask people to weigh in on both important and fun questions.

How to Make a Poll in 10 Easy Steps


Ask your question

What is the Poll about? Express your question clearly and concisely and enter it in the Question text box.


Add your Poll answer options

What do you want to learn? Define your answers clearly and concisely. Use your own answers or choose a standard lists from the Answer Library. With a preset list, you won’t waste time filling out fields like countries or languages, or crafting ratings scales to capture participants’ preferences or feelings. Enter the answers as-is or tailor them to your liking, and then add them to the Answer Library to use in future Polls.


Energize your Poll with media

Would your Poll benefit from including multimedia with your questions and answers? Add images, videos, and other multimedia by uploading them directly or using the embed code/URL. Place them where you prefer, add captions, and for images, provide redirect URLs.


Order your answer options

What do you want your Poll takers to see and do? First, choose how the answers are selected, via Radio Buttons, Dropdown Menu, or Multiple Select Checkboxes. Then, decide on the Answer Sequence: As Entered, Rotate, Randomize, or alphabetized. If you include the "Other" text response, adjust the size of the answer box and customize the copy. If you want to start over, just clear all the answer fields with one click and start fresh.


Translate your Poll

Do you need to convert the primary text into secondary languages? Enter translations for your Poll question and answer options manually or automatically through machine translation. (We use Auto-Translate with BingTranslate.)


Set an Expiry Date and Time

What is the best day and time to end your Poll? Decide whether to 1. Expire Now and end your Poll when you have enough responses, or 2. Expire at preset date and time. (You can change it anytime, even after the Poll expires), or 3. Expire when your account expires.


Control your Poll

How much feedback is too much feedback? To grow the volume of responses, allow participants to share your online Poll by putting it on a blog or website. Turn sharing off if you want to focus only on a specific audience. You also can choose to allow responders to post comments on your Poll. However, to steer clear of any issues, you can keep your Poll closed to comments.


Protect your data pool

How important is the quality of your data? Using the Restrict Repeated User feature, you can prevent participants from responding more than once. Choose to Block by Cookie (prevents attempts from the same device and browser), Block by IP address (prevents multiple sign-in attempts from the same IP address), or both.


Style your Poll

How do you want your Poll to look? You can start with one of our templates with preset color combinations and fonts, or select your own colors and fonts from a variety of options. Either way, you can also add an image and a logo. Choose the size of the Poll window, and make sure to use Preview Sample to see how your design will appear. To bring Poll results to life, choose a graph or chart type to display results in either 2D or 3D, and in your preferred color scheme.

STEP: 10

It's time to publish!

Where do you want people to find your poll? Post a Quick Participation link wherever you want to collect responses or embed a Poll Embed Code into websites. Multilingual Polls have a separate link or code for each language. If you choose, give Poll takers the satisfaction of seeing the results once they’ve responded.

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