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Poll Templates

Pre-Designed Online Poll Templates

Keep it simple by choosing a ready-to-go template or make a poll from scratch to match your website.

Share Polls Anywhere

Expand your audience by posting your online poll wherever you’ll find participants, including on Facebook or Twitter, on the websites of your choice, or within newsletters and emails.

Share Poll on Web & Social Networks
Customize your Poll

Brand Your Poll

Customize polls with your logo and brand colors, or to match the scheme of a certain project. Building brand recognition helps increase responses, and matching the page you’ll embed in is just a smart style choice.

Mobile Ready Poll

Reach participants anywhere, at any time, on any device. Create an online poll that’s ready for quick and easy access on iPhone, iPad, Android, and other mobile devices, and watch results pour in.

Mobile Ready Poll
Real-time Poll Result

Real-time Poll Reports

View results in real time in the format of your choice. Plus, you may choose to share an instant report with participants when they submit their answers.

Conduct Instant Polls

Conduct your poll on the fly during a meeting, class, or conference. Gather opinions or check for understanding, then view live results on screen as responses come in. Create a free online poll right now and collect instant information.

Conduct Instant Polls
Launch Poll in Multiple Languages

Multilingual Polls

Broaden your reach by launching your poll in multiple languages, including automatic translation. SoGoSurvey’s online poll maker supports 37 languages, allowing you to gather input from a much wider audience.

Embed Multimedia

Add visuals, music, or video to your poll. Enhancing appearance, providing valuable material, and increasing engagement – adding media can be a winning strategy in a great poll.

Embed Multimedia
Avoid Ballot Box Stuffing

One Participant, One Response

SoGoSurvey’s advanced online polling tool allows you to limit each participant to one response. Avoid ballot box stuffing and build trust, all while keeping data completely secure.

Fun, Easy, and Robust

Polls aren’t just for politicians! When you see how easy it is to create a voting poll online, you’ll find all kinds of reasons to ask people to weigh in on both important and fun questions.

Easy to Create Voting Polls


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