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Make smart business decisions with powerful results from market research surveys.

Know what your customers know

To stay competitive, businesses large and small need to know what consumers want, what they like and why they behave the way they do. Trusting your gut won’t cut it. You need to go straight to the source – your customer.

That’s where we come in. SoGoSurvey’s simple yet sophisticated design, distribution, analytics, and reports make market research surveys painless. Using market segmentation, target select groups to test new product ideas, marketing initiatives, or brand perception. Armed with actionable intelligence, you can move forward, confident that your new product will fly off the shelves, your website will convert more business, your design will captivate your customer – and you’ll bury the competition.

I found SoGoSurvey to be superior to other survey tools for my market research, even online surveys I had used in the past.
Yanina Silva, Senior Consultant

Market Research the Way It Should Be

Using our flexible, intuitive design and all the features you need, it’s never been easier to connect with your customers, followers and fans.


Customize the look and feel

Build the bond between your customer and brand using your logo and colors, custom URLs and domains, or white-label surveys for a seamless brand experience.

Reach consumers anywhere, anytime

Make responding easy. Our surveys are mobile-ready and attractive on any device.

Your survey, your way

Ready. Aim. Research. Drag-and-drop loads of question types. Easy to launch, simple to manage. Get answers that matter in no time.

More bang, Less buck

The data you collect is invaluable, and we’re supremely affordable. Talk about a win-win. And at a fraction of the cost of outsourcing research.

Survey experts on call. 24/7/365.

Like the song says, Ain’t no mountain high enough to keep us from you. Our support team is always standing by, ready to help.

Clear, attractive reports

Quickly make sense of your results so you can map the landscape and decide whether to forge ahead, change tack, or abandon ship.

Tailored. Timely. Transformative.

Engaging your target demographic with appealing, personalized surveys leads to data-driven strategies that attract new business and keep customers coming back.

Integrated multimedia

They say don’t judge a book by its cover. Actually, in this case, do. Embed images, video, audio and graphics to best position a product for success.

Survey taker experience

Design appealing surveys that consumers want to take. Respect their time using pre-population and skip logic to get precise responses and build brand loyalty.

A/B testing

Reveal what resonates with customers through A/B tests. Pit two options against each other to make changes and choices based on performance, not guesswork.

Dynamic URL redirect

Depending on the response, you can redirect survey takers to your homepage, a landing page, a registration form where they end up is up to you.

Distribution channels

Meet customers on their turf – be it via email, SMS, website, social media or mobile – and get more responses. Use multiple methods and bring all data together.

Paper surveys

Paper still has its place. Build your survey online, export to print and distribute it. We can import your results to your account for tracking, analysis and reporting.

Need a head start? Our polished, proven templates get you off and running!


Product Feedback Survey

Understand how a new product is being received by the marketplace using our tried-and-true template.

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Service Feedback Survey

Ask the right questions to better understand what kind of service experiences will inspire loyalty and advocacy in your target demographic.

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Brand Awareness/Identity Survey

What does the market think about your brand? Our expert-designed survey measures brand awareness, appeal, and application.

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Image Choice Survey

‘Eeeny, meeny, miney, moe’ is not a design strategy. Logos, brand images, web pages, packaging – let consumers weigh in before you go to market.

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Website Feedback Survey

In-the-moment and to-the-point, website surveys capture the visitor experience, and yield insights to improve conversion rates.

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Blog Content Survey

Why write what they won’t read? Identify problem areas and untapped topics to expand and engage your audience.

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Industry leading reports

Asking questions is easy. Putting answers in context is where the rubber meets the road. We steer you in the right direction with 14 powerful out-of-the-box reports and endless ways to make them your own. See real-time results with a couple of clicks, and quickly isolate and compare data using your specific demographic criteria. Present beautiful reports full of actionable intelligence to help set strategic priorities and position your business for growth.


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Surveys people like to take

Done right, market research goes beyond gathering data. It builds relationships. We give you the tools to create personal and relevant surveys that attract more authentic responses and more actionable data. Speak directly to customers by pre-populating what you know about them, and personalizing your follow up. Using advanced branching, shape a participant’s path through your survey based on how they answer specific questions. Keep them engaged with graphics and media. If you’re not seeing the results you want, find out exactly where survey abandonment occurs, and tweak for better performance.


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