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Mobile Ready Surveys

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Access participants at any time, on any device.

Go Mobile in Minutes

Even when you design your survey for viewing on a browser, you’ll be amazed at the display on your smartphone or tablet. SoGoSurvey automatically formats your survey for a fully responsive display on the device on which it’s opened. With an optimized UI for all participants, you’ll raise your response rates in no time.

Mobile Ready Online Survey

Simple Design

No extra coding or magic required –
instantly ready

Test As You Go

Preview in mobile, tablet, and web

Device Detection

No matter the device, you and your
participants are good to go

Mobile Surveys Benefit Everyone



  • Hospitals, dentists, doctor’s offices
  • Mandatory hospital patient surveys can be completed instantly on tablets
  • Simplify new patient registration information collection through mobile participation, eliminating errors and data entry expenses
  • Providing surveys closer to the point of service means higher response rates and more accurate feedback

Meetings and Events

  • Collect timely feedback before, during, and after meetings to make instant adjustments
  • Offer mobile event registration and instant feedback opportunities to keep engagement high
  • Gain higher response rates and more candid feedback with invites direct to mobile
Meetings and Events
Hospitality and Travel

Hospitality & Travel

  • Send instant alerts and notifications
  • Get rapid feedback about customer satisfaction and loyalty
  • Promote instant incentives that lead to higher participation rates and better data
We looked at several options when choosing a survey tool and SoGo had the standard functionality we needed and all of the advanced bells and whistles we wanted at a resonable price.
Dr. Lorenz Probst, Deputy Director
Centre for Development Research, BOKU

Training Departments

  • Create assessments that can be taken on any device, time-limited, and automatically graded
  • Conduct interim or final course evaluations, sending invitations by email or SMS
  • Participants use their own devices – no equipment or set-up required
Training and Departments
Banking and Finance

Banking and Finance

  • Register new customers quickly and easily
  • Receive data about customer satisfaction and loyalty to improve future plans
  • Instantly know when customers are concerned – allowing for a rapid response

Anytime, Anywhere

  • No extra work, steps, effort, or worries
  • Perfect formatting for every device
  • No magnifying glasses required: proper size, orientation, images, and multimedia support
Mobile Optimized Surveys

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