The Best Online Survey Platform

That’s no small claim, but we stand by it. So do our customers. Our survey software offers an experience far beyond a simple survey tool.

Polished. Powerful. Versatile.

Whether your needs are industry-specific - like healthcare, education, or financial services - or you're searching for broader market-based solutions, SoGoSurvey's online survey platform offers a suite of tools and resources to handle virtually any project.

Simple + Powerful

Our online survey platform is designed to be simple, effective, and intuitive enough for anyone. You don't have to be a graphic designer or a survey expert to craft powerful, effective messaging that will encourage honest feedback.

Expert Help Just a Click Away

Our team of designers, technical support specialists, engineers, and account managers are available around the clock. Whether you have questions about your account or you'd like advice on choosing the right survey question type, our team of experts is ready to help.

Reach Your Audience Anywhere

SoGoSurvey’s distribution options let you establish meaningful connections all over the world via your audience's preferred contact methods. Our adaptable survey templates look great on any screen, letting you send alerts by text, email, social media, or virtually any other channel.

Cutting Edge Analytics

From the moment you launch a survey, our survey software's analytics engine starts calculating metrics, giving you the most complete view of your data at any moment. Built to be shared, our smart reports can be automatically distributed to your organization's leadership or exported to your presentation software of choice.

Integrations at the Ready

You’ll never have to worry about reformatting our reports. In addition to standardized export formats such as Excel, XML, and more, our online survey platform integrates seamlessly with hundreds of essential programs like Salesforce, Slack, Basecamp, and Zapier.

Survey Software for Everyone

One of the biggest barriers to an organization automating their communications is how difficult it is to create good looking surveys without hiring professional designers.

You need to be able to deploy polished messaging swiftly and without a huge expense.

SoGoSurvey's online survey platform is built upon the belief that even novices should be able to get professional results. The millions of meaningful answers our clients collect every year suggests we're right.

Surveys That Learn

Our survey software's advanced design options allow your surveys to adapt as a participant responds. Apply tools and settings like branching, skip logic, quotas, and pre-population to collect exactly the right data.

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Reports in Real Time

Your data, no wait time. Our online survey software begins generating reports as soon as responses come in, delivering complete, dynamic results for your immediate review. Take what you've learned and run with it - our online survey platform provides dozens of on-the-fly publishing and reporting options.

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Worldwide Broadcast

From worldwide email lists, password-protected websites and links sent via SMS, our survey platform gives you dozens of options for delivering your message. Whether you’re communicating through social media channels or sending links so people can respond offline, our survey platform helps you capture the best data from every avenue.

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Survey Templates for Every Market

Hundreds of hours have been devoted to the design, development, and optimization of our best-in-class survey templates. No matter your industry, your target demographic, or the types of questions you need to ask, SoGoSurvey can get you started on your next campaign today.

Branded and Secure Online Survey Platform

Security is a cornerstone here at SoGoSurvey.

From day one, our engineers have worked to ensure that the data your participants entrust to you is protected at all costs.

All of our systems are continually updated to maintain the most rigorous security protocols available.

This protection extends to your brand identity. Cheap knock-offs are a part of every industry. That’s why our survey creator is designed to give our customers complete control of every aspect of their messaging.

Choose how you want to present your brand, logos, and images, with our survey software's extensive customization options.


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