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Anyone who runs a business needs to know if customers are happy. Our online surveys are best practice when it comes to finding out what your customers really think. In fact, customer surveys have become an essential tool for listening to customers.

With globalization and the Internet, customers expect way more from you. They will switch to a competitor in the blink of an eye. So you need to ensure they’re not just satisfied, but loyal, so you can stay competitive and thrive.

SoGoSurvey is an easy-to-use solution that offers:

  • Ready-to-launch customer survey templates
  • Insightful, in-depth reports to uncover trends and monitor satisfaction over time
  • An automated instant alert system to stay on top of customer concerns

Launch customer surveys quickly

SoGoSurvey comes with proven, professionally designed customer surveys that measure customer satisfaction and customer loyalty. So you don’t have to spend a lot of time researching what questions to ask.

SoGoSurvey is surprisingly simple to use. You don’t have to be a techie or survey expert to get started. Simply edit the template to suit your needs and you’re ready to launch your survey – via email, website, Facebook or Twitter.

Manage customer satisfaction

SoGoSurvey's powerful reports give you instant feedback to evaluate customer perceptions and needs. With one click, you can get a snapshot of your responses, or drill down deeper and see satisfaction by subgroups.

Now you can pinpoint exactly where you need to improve and which new products and services to offer. You can also monitor trends over time to see if satisfaction levels are increasing. Then you can make data-driven decisions to ensure your continued success!

Stay on top of customer concerns

When a customer responds negatively to a survey question, you or your team can be instantly alerted via email. Now you can be proactive and address problems before they’re posted and tweeted.

Find out what your customers really value. Turn them into true advocates for your business. Start today with SoGoSurvey.

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If you’re pressed for time, our affordable Survey Design Services can create the survey for you.


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