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Employee Survey Templates & Questionnaires

Start smart with employee templates and examples

Employee Engagement Survey

Uncover the key drivers that move your employees forward – or not.

Employee, HR, Manager

Employee Work-Life Balance Survey

Keep your team satisfied and retain them longer with a regular assessment of how well they are able to balance both p...

Employee, HR, Manager

Manager Effectiveness Survey

Use candid employee feedback to strengthen leadership.

Employee, HR, Manager

Employee Job Satisfaction Survey

Hear from employees about their experiences and perceptions in this short, straightforward, and customizable job sati...

Employee, HR, Manager

Employee Satisfaction with Departments Survey

Make inter-departmental cooperation a priority.

Employee, HR, Manager

Self-Appraisal Survey

Include reflection as a key element of the evaluation process.

Employee, HR, Manager

Employee Benefits Survey

Find out which benefits work and which need work.

Employee, HR, Manager

Team Evaluation Survey

Check in to see what's running smoothly and what needs work.

Employee, HR, Manager

360-Degree Evaluation Survey

Capture feedback from every angle for the full picture.

Employee, HR, Manager

Company Culture Survey

Ensure the best environment to improve morale and business.

Employee, HR, Manager

Employee Exit Survey

Find out why employees leave and improve retention.

Employee, HR, Manager

Employee Performance Evaluation Survey

Provide meaningful feedback and meet policy requirements.

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Identify risks immediately to ensure a safe environment for all.

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