Employee Job Satisfaction Survey

Ask employees if they have the resources, training, and direction they need to excel in their job.

Employee Engagement Survey Template

Find out if employees feel motivated at work with questions based on key employee engagement drivers.

Employee Satisfaction with Departments Survey Template

Get employee feedback on different departments and learn where to put attention for improvements.

Self-Appraisal Survey Template

Ask employees to reflect on their performance to provide a platform for constructive discussion.

Employee Benefits Survey Template

Find out what matters to your employees and make benefits decisions that result in higher retention.

Manager Effectiveness Survey Template

Candid employee feedback gives you a window into management-employee relations, and how to improve.

Employee Work-Life Balance Survey Template

Learn what employees need to balance their personal and professional lives, and how to provide that.

Team Evaluation Survey Template

Discover how individuals feel about their teams and what they believe they need to be effective.

360-Degree Evaluation Survey Template

Gather multiple perspectives to better understand employee and manager performance and perceptions.

Company Culture Survey Template

Learn how employees characterize the work environment and what they think could make it healthier.

Employee Exit Survey

Thoughtful exit interview questions reveal negative patterns that may be draining your talent pool.

Employee Performance Evaluation Survey Template

Regular performance appraisals make employers’ expectations clear and keep employees on target.

Employee Safety Survey

Uncover workplace safety concerns and identify the strengths in your safety policies and procedures.

Can employee survey templates help you?

Fact 1
Research shows that administering one employee survey a year to measure engagement, assess performance, or gather feedback is simply not enough to provide an accurate picture of the workplace experience. Instead, employee survey questions across pulse checks and more systematic engagements can keep the conversation going.

Fact 2
A consistent flow of appealing, varied, well-executed surveys shows employees that the organization values their opinions and creates an increasingly open dialogue where employees are more likely to participate and offer genuine responses. Start asking the right questions with our employee questionnaires and you'll generate deeper engagement and more meaningful results.

Fact 3
If your employee surveys are administered randomly, lack design consistency, pay no attention to question flow, or present irrelevant or confusing questions, your engagement attempts will have a negative impact.

How SoGoSurvey helps

Fortunately, with SoGoSurvey employee survey templates, you never have to worry. You’re always starting from the best possible position. Designed by experts in both survey technology and HR surveys, our full suite of employee survey templates meet the highest standards for employee data collection, with questions and survey structure crafted to elicit the most precise responses. Using our survey templates, you can rest assured that nothing will be overlooked or underemphasized. Our employee survey templates cover all the bases.

Employee Experience Surveys
Assessment and Evaluation
Day-to-Day Administration

Employee Experience Surveys
Enthusiastic, productive teams start with satisfied, engaged employees. SoGoSurvey employee engagement and employee satisfaction survey templates have helped hundreds of companies examine the employee experience and pinpoint where they excel and where they could improve. We offer a number of employee engagement survey templates to gather the right feedback for the circumstance, like a brief, in-the-moment poll, a questionnaire about recent events, or a long-form opinion survey.

Assessment and Evaluation
Self assessments, team assessments, and 360 reviews are essential to understanding employee dynamics, team cooperation, and leadership effectiveness. The results of these surveys often point out where organizations can improve relationships, streamline processes, facilitate communication, and apply training. Our employee survey templates include questions designed to draw out the desired details.

Day-to-Day Administration
Our employee survey templates include the standard forms, surveys, and assessments that HR teams use in the course of doing business, from recruitment forms to exit surveys. You can save time and resources, ensure your materials are compliant, and maintain a consistent look and feel. Win-win-win.

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