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Incident Report Form

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No matter the type of critical incident that takes place on-site or during an off-site activity, it’s important to collect all of the key details as quickly and efficiently as possible. Keep it together for immediate use and future reference so you can deal with the issue effectively.

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Incident Report Form

Incident Report Form


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Incident Report Form

When a critical incident takes place, the first step is to ensure safety. No matter the type of situation, health and security are paramount. As the situation develops, many questions will be asked, and it’s important to keep a clear record of the names, dates, and details and to report them to the appropriate authorities as quickly as possible.

The Incident Report Form is a clear and effective tool that allows key staff or community members to report a situation when it occurs to allow for clear record-keeping and simplified follow-up. Names and contact information of those individuals involved, details of injuries or medical transportation, and references regarding police involvement are all tracked within the same form.

Whether a serious incident takes place on site or at an event or activity sponsored by your organization, you owe it to your community to prioritize safety and security and to keep your reporting practices clear for all involved. Post this form on your website or intranet to ensure easy access whenever such action is required.

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