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Seeking Citizen Feedback Survey

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This survey gathers ideas from citizens to help frame policies, evaluate current programs, and improve service delivery. Customize with the pressing issues your community is facing and crowd-source so.

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Seeking Citizen Feedback Survey

Seeking Citizen Feedback Survey


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Seeking Citizen Feedback Survey

It’s no surprise that community members have something to say about every decision the government makes. Plus, they often to take the time to make their opinions known, whether by chatting with neighbors, sounding off on social media, or maching in protests. Capitalize on the insights and opinions of your community by using the Seeking Citizen Feedback Survey to gather ideas from a broad range of stakeholders.

Seek feedback on actions already taken, in progress, or still in the planning stage, so you can adjust as needed. Customize to ensure you’re focusing on the right questions, whether the issues are jobs and the local economy or transportation and traffic. Post on your website, send direct invitations, and share out through social media, too, to show you’re listening — and also to make the most of the feedback you receive. When you take action based on citizen suggestions, be sure to share that, too.

Nobody wants to feel like their ideas go into a black hole. Value your citizens’ feedback, and they’re more likely to raise their level of civic engagement in response. Balance this deeper dive on specific topics with the continuously open Government Always Listening Form. Likewise, as you receive more insights and suggestions throughout the year, use the feedback survey for a more thorough response from across your community.

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