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Dental Office Evaluation

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Follow up with a patient’s visit to the dentist’s office by asking for feedback on key elements of the experience, allowing you to take any action required.

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Dental Office Evaluation

Dental Office Evaluation


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Dental Office Evaluation

Many dental offices hang pictures of patients’ happy cavity-free smiles, proud of the success of both the patients and the practice. Such a snapshot is a perfect quick peek into the patient experience, but a more thorough examination can yield much more helpful results.

The Dental Office Evaluation Survey collects feedback on patients’ experience during their most recent visit. Aspects of the visit like wait time, quality of care, and support from staff are all critical elements in building a full picture. Are patients likely to return? Will they recommend the practice to others? Is there any aspect of their treatment that they didn’t understand? Learning the answers to these questions can help with future visits and strategic planning.

Keep the happy smiles coming, with a full understanding of the complete patient experience at your dental office.

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