Fitness Center Survey

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Whether you’re looking to attract new members or improve service to current members, collecting feedback on experiences at your gym or fitness center can provide you valuable insights in how to build a healthy and happy environment for all.
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People join gyms and fitness centers for all kinds of reasons. Whether they’re looking to build social connections in group classes, train for a particular event, improve their overall fitness, or simply have fun, it can be a major challenge to address the needs of all members of your community at once. Still, to stay fit, you’ll need a regular check-up so you can plan your own training regimen!

Our Fitness Center Survey questions offer a comprehensive evaluation of your offerings, from the availability of equipment to the cleanliness of facilities. Drill down on the topics that matter most to you, focusing feedback on your personal trainers, group classes, nutrition counseling, childcare services or any other specialized offerings.

Listening to your members’ needs can help you to build high quality wellness programming that will help them reach their goals and keep them coming back. Most successful fitness and wellness programs help participants work toward their goals. Make sure your goals align with those of your members and you’ll all find it much easier to stick to it and build a healthier future together.



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