Hospital Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems (HCAHPS) Survey

Hospitals are right to focus on patients, but it’s also important to think of those patients not just as recipients of care but as customers. Their experiences turn into opinions, and these opinions can be broadcast anywhere at any time, affecting community impressions of the service you provide. As such, collecting feedback on patients’ experience can lead to improved service and customer service for future patients, as well as a positive identity in the community.

The Hospital Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems, or HCAHPS, is an industry-standard tool that measures patients’ satisfaction with their experiences during a hospital stay. The care received from nurses and doctors, the general hospital environment, medicine and treatment provided, and post-hospital plans are addressed, as are overall rating and likelihood of recommending the hospital to others. Among other elements, demographic details are included to help with reporting requirements and trend analysis.

With a comprehensive approach to evaluating the patient experience, all aspects of your hospital can be improved. After all, who knows the patient experience better than your very own customers?


Patient Dental Care Survey

This survey seeks to understand a patient’s experience after their dental care. The survey asks questions to get a grasp of the patient’s comfort, ease, and pain during their visit, as well as their overall satisfaction and their experience with billing and insurance.

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Patient Medical History Form

This is a simple survey designed to gather medical information from patients. This survey asks questions to understand the patient’s physical and habitual medical history, as well as their demographics.

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Pre- and Post-Operative Care Feedback

This survey gathers information from patients to best understand their care experience before and after an operation. The survey specifically emphasizes pre- and post-treatment interactions with staff. Based on needs, this survey may be split into two parts to capture pre- and post-operative experiences separately.

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