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SoGoSurvey is the best online survey tool available today. With our intuitive, easy-to-use interface, anyone can create professional-looking surveys in minutes. Plenty of smart features help you create shorter, more personalized surveys to encourage participation. Distribution options let you reach your audience wherever and however you like, and our powerful data analytics far surpass any other online survey maker. Get the insights and results you need today, and enjoy a whole new survey experience.

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"Overall, the UI is good in that a new user like myself was quickly up and running and I did not have an OMG moment where I had do redo what I did so far all over again."

Hans Aigner, CEO

DataLab USA

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Secure Data

Ready-to-Use Survey Templates

Choose from a pre-loaded selection of ready-to-use surveys professionally designed to address needs across industries.

Create Multilingual Surveys

Expand your audience with automatic translation and simplified data management and analysis.

Mobile-Ready Surveys

Design once and deploy anywhere with surveys instantly optimized for display on any device, boosting response rates.

Make Surveys Anonymous

Collect truly candid feedback and boost response rates by guaranteeing complete anonymity.

Track Survey Invitations

Keep up with invitations at every step, identifying delivery or participation issues early enough to make a difference.

Branding and Customization

Showcase your brand in every survey and invitation, adding your logo, choosing fonts and colors, and fully customizing the details that matter.

Integrate Surveys with Social Media

Reach participants and expand your audience across social media platforms, then post reports to close the loop and encourage future participation.

Survey Data Privacy and Security

Security of your data is our top priority, pushing us to host data in multiple Class A Tier 1 data centers and earn TRUSTe’s Privacy Seal and the US-EU Safe Harbor Seal.

Make Surveys Anonymous

Collect truly candid feedback and boost response rates by guaranteeing complete anonymity.

Merge Answer Options

Simplify reporting and ensure clear interpretation of results by grouping similar answer choices.

Set Quota

Email Alerts


Smart Logic

Fill Data

Ask Better

One Vote

Trend Data

Key Reports


Quiz and Poll

Trend Analysis

Quota Management

Retire answer options when a set total is reached, keeping data managed and your next steps simple.

Automatically Generate Survey Email Alerts

Choose when instant email alerts should be sent, allowing you to take immediate action when a low rating is received, a condition is met, or more.

Schedule Survey Invitations and Reminders

Plan in advance to deliver invitations and reminders at the perfect time for participants, even if you’re not at your desk.

Advanced Branching & Skip Logic

Set conditions to control each participant’s path through your survey, asking only relevant questions for the most powerful results.

Pre-Populate Known Survey Data

Personalize participants’ experience, save time, and improve data quality by pre-filling answers you already know.

More Question Types Than You Expect

Get the data you need with all the right question types, from NPS to Matrix Grid, Attachment to Image Choice, and plenty more.

Ballot Box Stuffing Report

Clean your results by scanning for suspicious patterns and preventing repeat submissions.

In-Depth Survey Analysis

Turn your data into insights and decisions with high-level frequency reports and options to drill down to investigate the conditions, relationships, and comparisons that matter.

Merge Multiple Surveys for Trend Analysis

See trends over time or across groups by combining data from multiple surveys for comprehensive reporting.

Ballot Box Stuffing Report

Clean your results by scanning for suspicious patterns and preventing repeat submissions.

Multiple Sub-Users

Keep data safe by giving each team member a unique login and password, then set permissions to ensure each user has access to the right tools.

Dedicated Poll and Assessment Tools

Run a quick pulse check with our poll tool, or take the guesswork out of quizzes by creating self-scoring assessments.

Survey Response Rate and Trend Analysis

Instant data on who’s responding and when lets you target communication and improve participation before the survey closes.

We support you with seriously fast, reliable customer service

It’s just one of the reasons we have a 97% retention rate. Our rapid-response customer support team is ready to help 24/7.


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