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SoGoSurvey is the best online survey tool available today. With our intuitive, easy-to-use interface, anyone can create professional-looking surveys in minutes. Plenty of smart features help you create shorter, more personalized surveys to encourage participation. Distribution options let you reach your audience wherever and however you like, and our powerful data analytics far surpass any other online survey maker. Get the insights and results you need today, and enjoy a whole new survey experience.

Edward Terry, Manager of Information Services, Caplin & Drysdale

"I tried another survey tool and it just wasn't sophisticated enough to provide the results I needed. The branching and logic in SoGoSurvey was easier to use and it gave me the data I required."

Survey Templates and Examples
  • Ready-to-Use Survey Templates

    Get a head start with the Survey Bank. Choose from a wide range of beautiful, professionally designed surveys prepared for numerous purposes and industries including human resources, customer feedback, events, K-12 education, higher education, healthcare, and government. This full bank of survey templates comes pre-loaded in every SoGoSurvey account. Review templates for inspiration, or copy and customize to make one your own in minutes.
Poll and Assessment Tools
  • Dedicated Poll and Assessment Tools

    Keep polls and assessments separate from surveys, keeping management simple. Use polls for a quick pulse check, or take the guesswork out of quizzes by creating assessments with automatic scoring. Each tool comes with its own dedicated features and options to streamline use.
Various Types of Survey Question
  • More Question Types Than You Expect

    With 16 question types that can be used in about 20 different ways, you can be sure you’ll get the data you need. Pick the perfect question, whether it’s a rating scale, demographic, file attachment, matrix grid, or intellimatrix question - which lets you sets conditions for follow-up responses on the same page. The best questions mean the best data, so we’ve got the questions you’re looking for.
Pre-Populate Survey Data
  • Pre-Populate Known Survey Data

    Use what you know about survey participants to personalize their experience, shorten their surveys, and improve the quality of your data. It’s a no-brainer. Simply pre-fill the answers you already know rather than asking the questions.
Branching/Skip logic
  • Advanced Branching (Advanced Skip Logic)

    SoGoSurvey’s advanced branching options let you control a participant’s path through your survey based on answers to multiple questions. For example, if a participant is both female and self-employed, she might be branched to a particular page. Fine-tuning the conditions allows you to ask specific questions to exactly the right group, providing powerful data.
Translate Survey in Multiple Languages
  • Create Multilingual Surveys

    Automatic translation into 37 languages makes it easy for you to create quick and accessible multilingual surveys. Ensure all participants are able to provide feedback, expanding your audience. SoGoSurvey technology simplifies management and analysis by collecting all data together.
Create Anonymous Surveys
  • Make Surveys Anonymous

    Honesty is the best policy, but sometimes anonymity is even better. Human resources and legal departments, as well as the healthcare industry, use this feature to collect truly candid feedback. This comprehensive feature guarantees complete anonymity, boosting response rates. Did your last tool do that?
Survey Branding and Customization
  • Branding and Customization

    Modern style and custom choices let you represent your brand in every survey and invitation. Add logos, choose fonts and colors, and see how much design makes the difference. Building brand recognition never looked so good.
Mobile-Ready Surveys
  • Mobile-Ready Surveys

    Surveys are instantly mobile-ready, optimized for display on any device your participants may use. With more and more people relying primarily on mobile devices, be prepared. Design once and ensure your survey will look clear and professional from a computer, tablet, iPhone, Android, or other mobile device.
Schedule Survey Invitations and Reminders
  • Schedule Survey Invitations and Reminders

    Control participation by scheduling survey invitations and intelligent reminders for delivery. Planning ahead allows you to ensure invitations are delivered at the most convenient or appropriate time, like scheduling post-event feedback survey invitations to arrive the morning after the event. If participants have already responded, they won’t receive any scheduled reminders.
Survey Participation Tracking
  • Track Survey Invitations

    SoGoSurvey’s comprehensive distribution dashboard lets you track survey invitations through every step. Find out who received the invitation, who didn’t (and why), and who opened the invitation but didn’t respond. Use these powerful analytics to note trends and nudge only those who’ve not yet responded.
Generate Survey Email Alerts
  • Automatically Generate Survey Email Alerts

    SoGoSurvey lets you stay on top of survey activity, whether it’s progress toward a goal or responses that meet a certain condition. Choose your triggers and set email alerts for instant notification. Customizable controls let you know right away if you’ve reached 100 responses or if someone gave your service a low rating. Faster information means you know how to respond faster, too.
Set Survey Response Limit
  • Quota Management

    Manage data as it’s received, keeping participants happy and your next steps simple. Retire selected answer options after a chosen number of responses have been received. If you’re running an event registration, for example, set quotas for each workshop and then hide or gray them out as soon as they fill up.
Survey Response Rate and Trend Analysis
  • Survey Response Rate and Trend Analysis

    Track participation in real time with the Response Trend Report, and break down who you’re hearing from with the Response Rate Report. Instant data from both reports lets you target communication and improve participation before the survey closes.
Ballot Box Stuffing Report
  • Ballot Box Stuffing Report

    Ever wondered if someone submitted multiple responses to your survey? Maybe it was someone with too much extra time, or maybe it was someone with a hidden agenda. Either way, there’s an impact on your data. The Ballot Box Stuffing Report uses powerful algorithms to scan for suspicious patterns and makes it easy to clean your survey data.
Survey Reports and Analysis
  • In-Depth Survey Analysis

    SoGoSurvey’s robust reporting options let you customize how you analyze. Our wide range of choices, intuitive steps, and presentation-ready reports go far beyond the competition. We give you everything you need to take the next steps: from data to insights to decisions.

    • Get data at a glance with Bar Graph Reports, or in-depth analysis with Comparison and Conditional Reports
    • Share dynamic professional reports that update in real time or download beautiful presentation-ready files
Merge Answer Categories and Surveys
  • Merge Answer Options

    Simplify reports by merging answer options, like Strongly Agree and Agree, making it easy for survey administrators to understand the data. Clear data presentation leads to clear insights and next steps.
Merge Multiple Surveys for Trend Analysis
  • Merge Multiple Surveys for Trend Analysis

    Merge responses from multiple surveys with the same or similar questions into one survey. A great use case for this feature is a survey that’s deployed every quarter. At the end of each quarter, merge results to see the overall trend as well as the quarter over quarter change.
Publish Survey on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+
  • Integrate Surveys with Social Media

    How’s your social media game? It matters more than ever in reaching your audience where they are. Publish your survey to social media to build your responses quickly, then post results to close the loop. Point, click, and connect with the real world in real time.
Multiple Account Users
  • Multiple Users Under Same Account: Secure Collaboration

    Does your survey tool make you share passwords with other team members so you can “collaborate”? SoGoSurvey’s secure collaboration means you will each have your own unique logins and passwords. Set permissions and workflows, ensuring each user has access to just the right tools and content, and keeping data safe.
Data Privacy and Security
  • Survey Data Privacy and Security

    The privacy and security of your data is our highest priority. SoGoSurvey data is hosted in multiple Class A, Tier 1 data centers, a standard that ensures 24/7 availability, redundancy, and operational sustainability.
customers in 75 countries
customers in 75 countries
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live customer support
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