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Powerful Survey Distribution

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Publish the way you want for the responses you need.

Survey Distribution Methods That Get Results

SoGoSurvey takes survey distribution from an elegantly simple process to strategic and powerful results. Multiple publishing modules let you choose your ideal connection opportunities, meeting participants where they are. You’ll love how easy distribution can be, and your participants will love the easy access through their preferred sources. As a one stop survey tool, we never stop, and you’ll find customer suggestions implemented throughout our platform. No wonder users find our survey distribution methods so intuitive – they’re built on user feedback!

Appreciate the tracking details of each participant. I can see if they received the survey, read it, when they completed it, or what they did with it, so I know how to follow up with them.
Chrissy Morse, Real Estate Administrator
World Vision

Build surveys people like to take

Ways to distribute your survey

Reach Your Audience

Choose the best methods for your audience and purpose, like sending email invitations, embedding on your website, or inviting SMS or offline access.

Publish Surveys on Social Media

Expand your reach and generate new leads by publishing directly to Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and more.

Share survey on Facebook, Twitter and Google+
SoGoSurvey's Website Feedback Survey

Website Feedback Survey

Gather instant feedback from visitors to make the most of your website and be sure your brand looks its best at all times.

Embed Survey in a Web Page

Collect feedback quickly by integrating surveys directly into your site for seamless experience and appearance.

Embed survey on website
Personalized survey email invitation

Customize Survey Invitations & Reminders

Choose from professionally designed templates and customize to meet your needs, including your preferred appearance, sender, and content.

Test Invitations

Share and review your invitation and survey before you go live so you can launch with complete confidence.

Send test survey invitation
Participants Contact Manager

Contact Manager

Build, save, and modify contact lists securely to simplify distribution, Mail Merge, and Pre-Population.

Touch Rules

Avoid over-surveying and safeguard relationships by filtering out those who have recently participated.

Avoid over-surveying with Touch Rules
Restrict Multiple Survey Response

Restrict Multiple Survey Responses

Prevent ballot box stuffing through single-use links, passwords, or restrictions by IP address or cookies.

Automated Reminders

Send intelligent reminders to only those who haven’t yet responded, scheduling delivery for the perfect time to maximize responses.

Schedule Survey Invitations and Reminders
Allow Survey Participants to Invite Friends

Chain Invites

Expand participation and build connections beyond your distribution list by allowing participants to invite their own contacts to respond to your survey.

Email Opt-out

Allow participants to unsubscribe from reminders or all future surveys, in keeping with legal requirements, or remove opt-out for internal surveys.

Email Opt-out Notification
Track Survey Invitations

Track Survey Invitations

Follow up on the details of distribution through every delivery method, uncovering participation data and any issues so you can resolve them right away.

Expire Survey Invitations

Keep feedback fresh and data meaningful by setting time limits on survey invitations, even while keeping the survey live.

Expire Survey Invitations
Month-to-date total number of surveys distributed

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