The Customer Engagement Survey Software with Data Security at its Core

Trusted by the world’s top brands, SoGoCX customer engagement platform boasts advanced data security, sophisticated features, and powerful analytics to monitor, understand, and improve customer experience at every touchpoint.

Conduct Casual Conversations Across Continents

Connect with customers around the world as if they lived next door. Easily deployed customer feedback surveys strengthen your understanding of the market with a robust collection of insights.

  • Our database of customer engagement survey questions and templates and easy to use design tools let you launch new surveys and connect in minutes.
  • Engage with customers via their favorite channel, including email, SMS, mobile apps and many more.
  • Dynamic data collection tools in our system adapt intelligently to customer feedback in real time.
  • Generate and distribute tailored reports built on industry standard metrics (NPS, CSAT, CES) to gain true insight into the customer experience.
  • Gather touchpoint feedback in a single question or conduct a full annual customer satisfaction survey – building brand trust all along the way.

Good Data Leads + Powerful Insight = Improved CX

Net Promoter Score (NPS)

Predict customer behavior by breaking down your NPS data, gauging customer loyalty, and addressing those who might be looking elsewhere.
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Customer Satisfaction (CSAT)

Focusing on your products and services, a strong CSAT report helps you determine where to implement improvements and take full control of your customer experience management.
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Customer Effort Score (CES)

CES data shows how much time and effort customer spend to get their questions answered and problems solved, making it easy to anticipate and address issues before they arise
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Key Driver Analysis (KDA)

Dig into the data to find what is truly motivating the customers in your market. Understanding the key elements that drive sales and engagement lets you allocate resources wisely as you improve your overall customer experience.
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Fully Secure. Fully Supported. No IT Degree Required

SoGoSurvey’s CX Platform provides customer engagement tools and resources that allow users of all levels to deliver expert-level customer experiences.

One of the leading reasons listed for seeking a new CX Platform is lack of support from the existing service provider.

‘80 Percent of SoGoSurvey’s new customers sign up with us to replace their existing CX Platform.’

By 2020, customer experience will overtake price and product to become the key factor in customer choice, a Walker study suggests.

Drive Knowledge and Growth Across Your Organization

Actionable data is the foundation to organizational progress, but only if it shared promptly with key stakeholders. Automate your customer engagement survey reporting and distribution to support internal and external growth simultaneously.

  • Automate your reporting to leadership across all departments, generate task-specific analysis to support new product development, or build your next campaign based on what motivates your base right now.
  • Full platform integration with Salesforce, Google Analytics, and other business essentials, lets you share and deploy customer engagement data without breaking stride.

Our List of Clients is Growing*

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"SoGoSurvey has always have been prompt with responses and phone calls, courteous when we failed to understand and quite intuitive when we required help. We continue to be pleased with SoGoSurvey. Let it be said we think of SoGoSurvey and its people as partners.”

John Butorac



“User-friendly, SoGoSurvey has great functionalities in terms of data analysis.”

Christian Tesch

Business Analyst

“I love using SoGoSurvey! The dashboard is user-friendly and offers amazing flexibility for all of our survey and analytics needs. SoGoSurvey had the standard functionality we needed and all of the advanced bells and whistles we wanted at a reasonable price.”

Renita Bryant


So Much More Than What’s in the Box.

  • A digital platform of powerful tools easy enough for anyone to use – from customer engagement management neophytes to experienced CX pros
  • The highest-level security ratings in the marketplace
  • World-class technical support and resources available around the clock
  • Customized builds and integrations available


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