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SoGoSurveys's Net Promoter Score ® Platform

Our secure CX platform makes it easy to measure, analyze, and improve NPS quickly. The power and simplicity of our optimized platform provides all the tools needed to raise your NPS.

NPS is one of the most essential customer experience metrics worldwide. SoGoSurvey’s CX solutions offer a powerful and complete platform to engage your customers at all levels.

With our CX solutions, you can:

  • Segment customers by their levels of loyalty and engagement Identify at-risk customers and areas for improvement
  • Automate outreach and response based on satisfaction levels
  • Review data in real time against industry benchmarks
  • Build and improve outreach to raise satisfaction in all sectors

One Platform + All Channels = Improved NPS

Send smarter surveys, increase response rates, and improve satisfaction by reaching customers in the ways they prefer.

Our solutions make it easy to gather feedback anywhere at any time.

Connect directly with customers worldwide as easily as if they lived next door. Clear communication delivers better results and a stronger market understanding.

  • Email
  • Mobile devices
  • Text or SMS
  • Messaging apps
  • And more

Why Focus on NPS?

Spot problems before they happen and react faster with iQ, our set of intelligent features built directly into the platform.

The key to your long term success isn’t scrambling for new customers. It’s finding out what drives your existing customers, making sure to keep them happy, and turning them into a powerful marketing force as they enhance and grow your brand.

Tracking NPS and other customer satisfaction metrics allows you stay ahead of customer demand, head off growing issues, and craft a successful and profitable strategy for your company. If you’re ready to improve your NPS and upgrade your entire CX program with the most secure and customizable system, let’s get you started with SoGoSurvey.

Defining Net Promoter Score (NPS).

Net Promoter Score (NPS) is an index used to measure customer loyalty toward your brand, company, or service. Customers are asked how likely they are to recommend your services in the future, using a 0 to 10 scale. The consistent scale gives you a clear benchmark for comparison over time or against other organizations as you work to improve customer experience.

Detractors 0 – 6

These respondents are less satisfied and are unlikely to have a positive impact on your organization. They are unlikely to recommend you and in some cases may even generate negative publicity about you.

Passives 7 or 8

These are satisfied but unenthusiastic customers. They may defect to competitors if they see any available benefits.

Promoters 9 or 10

These are your brand ambassadors, those you can consider your most loyal and satisfied customers. They are most likely to demonstrate positive behavior like referring new customers and spending more themselves.

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