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Today, companies lose 20% of their revenue to negative customer experiences – more than $62 billion annually.

At SoGoSurvey, our CX philosophy is simple. We believe that if you start with a strong commitment to your customers, your business will improve. Regularly connecting with your customers to measure their satisfaction enhances their experience and your clarity. Your decisions will be easier, customer loyalty will grow, and these new brand ambassadors will lead the way forward.

Build customer satisfaction and loyalty beyond NPS® and into a measurably better customer journey. It’s easy, with SoGoSurvey CX.


If you don’t worry about what your customers think, they won’t be your customers for long.

  • More competitors appear daily, globally and online
  • Reputation management matters, as social media spreads news quickly


If you can’t afford to care about customers, you can’t afford to be in business.

  • Instant alerts for immediate follow-up and better service
  • Reports that analyze the full customer journey


Companies that care have customers who care.

  • Customer feedback drives smart decisions
  • Quality and service build customer loyalty
  • Happy customers become brand ambassadors

Customer experience management at your fingertips. Get started today!

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