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SoGoSurvey’s online form builder is powerful, intuitive, and easy to use. Choose from hundreds of professionally designed templates, organized by topic, or start from scratch. Within minutes, you can have a completely customized form that meets your needs and looks good, too. Distribute your form via email or social media, or even embed it on your website for easy access. From free to paid, all SoGoSurvey packages let you create forms online.

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Use quick and easy templates from our bank, or create your own forms to meet your needs. Automate processes and get results today!

Contact Us Form

Make it easy for your customers and other stakeholders to get in touch.

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Event Registration Form

Improve event planning by getting the info you need quickly and easily.

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Employment Application Form

Start hearing from the right candidates right away!

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Training Feedback Form

Keep learning and improving your training and professional development offerings.

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Maintenance Request Form

Fix issues and processes faster to improve satisfaction.

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Volunteer Application Form

Grow your volunteer base by making it easy to apply.

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Finally, an online form builder that checks all the boxes.

Numerous Question Types

Our online form builder lets you choose from a wide variety of question types to improve the quality of data you receive. It’s simple: ask a better question, get a better answer.

Pre-Designed Form Templates

Save time and simplify design by selecting from our online form builder’s range of attractive templates Complement your content with style that suits, all with just a few clicks.

Multiple Form Distribution Choices

Set you form free using our form builder software. Post your form on Facebook, Twitter, or your choice of websites. Send directly via email or SMS. For offline participation, print a cleanly formatted copy.

Build Branding

Incorporate your brand style and logo and make your forms your own. For consistency and convenience, our online form creator lets you save your customized templates for future use.

Share Real-Time Reports

You don’t have to wait to review results using our form builder software’s powerful reporting module. Choose from a range of report types, then share collected information with your team instantly and securely.

Skip Logic for Smart Forms

Design smart online forms that skip past irrelevant questions based on your respondents’ previous answers. Our form builder software saves everyone time and improves the quality of your data.

Mobile-Ready Forms

With our online form builder, you can design your form once and trust it will look professional on a computer or an iPhone, iPad, Android, or other mobile device.

Auto-Translate Forms

Extend your community reach with multilingual forms. Use our robust form creator software to design a form online in your primary language, then automatically translate it into up to 37 languages.

Embed Multimedia

Include media in questions and answers to provide visual interest or share valuable context. Our form builder software gives you the freedom to embed Images, videos, and attachments.

Data Integrity and Fraud Protection

SoGoSurvey’s advanced online form maker allows you to limit each participant to a single response. Plus, you may encrypt all form data using HTTPS. Create contact forms with confidence, knowing your data is secure.

What Are Online Forms?

Online forms are present at various touchpoints of the digital experience. Whether it’s logging in, signing up, providing your shipping details, or more, we use online forms all the time. Free form creators can help you with this. When done well, they can make the cyber-experience absolutely seamless, on the other hand, a badly made form can tarnish your experience.

Benefits of Online Forms

Online forms have several advantages. They are cheaper to use, easy to embed and help you capture vital customer data.


Customize your form to show only the questions that are relevant to particular participants based on their earlier responses. Not only does this eliminate unnecessary questions, but will also keep the audience engaged

Get More Responses

The world is going digital. You can take advantage of that with free form creators. With the right design that is both engaging and quick, you will notice a much higher response rate than distributing paper forms.

Increase Conversion Rates

Online forms can be embedded at several points, whether it’s on a landing page, your home page, or a pop-up following a particular workflow. This helps you easily capture data that you may not otherwise have, and - with the right permissions - use it in future marketing campaigns, increasing leads and conversion rates.

Forms that Build Trust, Improve Responses

Just creating a basic form is easy, but if you really want to increase responses, you need something more. Free online forms can help you set up questions, but you require advanced features to truly connect with your audience. Forms that connect are more likely to build trust, and that is exactly what helps you get more, better responses.
So how do you do that? Think of a form as a conversation you’re having with your audience. Let the tone of your questions and your design reflect that. Be direct, yet conversational in your content, and create a form that adapts to the participant. Show only the relevant questions. Use piping to connect answers the user gave earlier (or even their name) in later questions. It’s these little things that build trust and make it easier for your audience to openly give you the answers you need.

Why Choose SoGoSurvey

Looking for a secure and robust survey maker? SoGoSurvey is your answer.

Security at the Heart:

At SoGoSurvey we understand that it isn’t just about collecting data but ensuring privacy at every stage. SoGoSurvey has the strictest security and confidentiality protocols so that your data remains only yours.

Feature Rich Platform:

Designed for sheer ease, we offer advanced features that help you seamlessly collect and analyze your data to identify key drivers and spot patterns.

Key Features of our Easy Form Creator

Create online forms quickly. At SoGoSurvey, we offer several advanced features to make the entire process a breeze.

Speak Your Style

Forms should reflect the organization, that’s why we offer customization options to mirror your brand. Select from pre-set themes or create your own. Add a logo, and more. With a bouquet of design features, you can create an aesthetic that suits your brand.

Drag and Drop Questions

Our question bank is already equipped with numerous question types. To find the one that is suited to your purpose, and just drag and drop those onto your form!

Converse in all Languages

Connect with your audience in a language of their choice with multi-lingual forms. It gives people a chance to better understand what you’re trying to ask while also increasing response rates.

Powerful Analytics

The answers are in. What next? Our powerful analytics tools help you identify patterns, filter answers based on different criteria, and more. After all, what is data without the right inference techniques?

6 Ways to Improve your Online Forms

Our free online forms will help you get all the data you need - and you don’t even need to start from scratch. Generate your form using our pre-designed templates, customize these, and get started.
As you enlist the help of our free form maker to tailor the form to your needs, here are a few things to keep in mind to get the best results:
Reduce the Number of Fields
If you want more people to fill out your form, you have to create a form that feels simple. The more complex a form appears, the lesser chances that people will fill it. So as you create s form, ask yourself this - is that question or field absolutely necessary? The quicker a form is to complete, the more people will engage with it!
Use Validation
It’s not only about getting more responses, you need to get genuine responses. To ensure that the answers people give are honest, use our form generator to include email and phone number validation in the form itself. That would discourage people from filling in false information since immediate validation alerts them that the information entered is accepted or not. Don’t wait until the form is submitted to point out the errors.
Highlight Data Privacy
Data privacy in the online world is increasingly coming into question. With people becoming more aware of how easily accessible data can be, it’s essential to reassure them. Let them know that all data entered will remain private and not be shared. This simple assurance can go a long way in increasing the responses you receive.
Remember Preferences
If you want to increase your responses, you have to make sure that everything that can be made easier, is easier. This encourages more people to take the time to fill out your form, and give more honest responses in the process. So use auto-fill to complete answers where possible, but most importantly - remember preferences. If a form was left incomplete at any stage - perhaps the internet acted up or maybe the participant got side-tracked - make it easier for them to pick up where they left off.
Use the CTA as a Button
CTAs help guide the users to action. They tell you just what needs to be done next - and they play an especially crucial role in forms. A well-design CTA can increase your conversions, while a poorly designed CTA can just be ignored. One of the best ways to catch user attention is to use the CTA are a button. Instead of concluding the form with a ‘submit’ button, ask the users to 'Book a Demo' 'Start Your Trial' or whatever your purpose is. It changes the entire tone of the form while making sure that your CTA gets prominence.
Break it into Steps
The shorter the better. But perhaps you really require a long-form. If you have an extensive form at hand, for example, when you’re filling out your ticket booking details, then it’s essential to make the form a little less overwhelming. After all, users that log on and notice an exhausting form are most likely going to take a step back. So in order to get the maximum responses, it’s best to break the form into sections. Short quick sections can make even a long-form feel small!

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