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SoGoSurvey API: Powering Possibility

Powerful and secure, our API integration brings your ideas to life. From systematic distribution and tracking to automated data collection and analysis, start building better.

What Is API Integration?

Simply put, an API (application programming interface) is designed to expand your potential. Just like building blocks, APIs can be stacked up to create just about anything you can imagine. Our survey API integration allows you to connect a wide range of our platform’s features and functions with your other tools and apps. As a result, you can automate your processes, make the most of your time and resources, and learn more faster. What’s not to like?

Faster, Smarter, Better: Survey Success Automated

APIs can enhance every step of the survey process – and plenty of your other workflows, too!

  • Expand the capabilities of your current CRM or LMS with integrated forms and assessments that match your own brand.
  • Automatically collect data from each submitted survey or assessment and send it directly to your preferred tracking or analysis tools.
  • Export contact lists to your event planning or performance evaluation apps to streamline set-up and distribution.
  • Share real-time survey statistics with your organization-wide dashboards and productivity tools so you know what’s getting done when.
  • Pull shareable survey URLs to enable data collection through your customer support systems, measuring what matters most.
  • Automate survey invitation delivery when the right conditions are triggered – completion of a webinar or training or closure of a support case.

Expand Your Brand, Build Your Business

You Look Great In That

Every project looks like it’s yours – because it is! Whitelabel solutions, custom URLs, and all the style-guide-loving choices you want – a perfect fit, every time.

Clear Documentation

Whatever you need to know, it’s right there. Really. Thorough, accessible, and totally appealing to developers ready to dig in!

We’re Here For You

Our training and support teams are ready to help! Need to talk it through? We’re happiest when you are, too.

Streamline Success

You know what they say about working hard instead of working smart, right? Don’t do it. Automating your processes lets you focus on what’s next.

Conserve Resources

Why build from scratch when you’ve got so many great places to start? Save time and money by building on our foundation.

Built To Scale

If you’re doing it right, you’re growing. We’ll grow with you, call by call and token by token.

It Works Both Ways

Bidirectional communication means we’re having a conversation. Data flows where it’s needed, into or out of our SoGoSurvey platform.

Creativity Counts

You’re the architect here. We’re happy to share the materials and help you build your solution.

We’ve Got What You’re Looking For

Whether this is your first API integration or you’ve been building dreams for years, our SoGoSurvey API documentation delivers the information you need in a clear and accessible format. It’s all right there! We love to see the magic happen, and we’ll provide all the support you need to bring the pieces together.

See for yourself!

Can It Get Any Easier?

Still want more? If you’d rather not make your own connections, put our connections to work! Our partnership with Zapier makes it possible for you to connect your SoGoSurvey account to hundreds of apps – without any coding or specialized expertise!

Overwhelmed by the possibilities? Unsure about your options? Let’s connect! Our experts will be glad to talk you through it.


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