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Customer loyalty is key to survival in the highly competitive financial services industry. Satisfied customers are just one component. To grow your business and grow your share of wallet, you need to be their provider of choice.

SoGoSurvey makes easy work of measuring the customer experience, and understanding where you stand against your competition. Combine instant feedback and long-term trends to reveal where you excel and pinpoint the issues that are undermining growth.

Armed with solid data and rigorous analysis, you can direct energy and resources where they’ll have the most impact: engaging employees, retaining top talent and satisfying customers.

With smart features and top-tier security, our online surveys make good financial sense.

Support on Call, 24/7

Need a hand with that survey? Reach out to our dedicated survey experts, one on one, anytime, day or night. We’re always here to help.

Ask Questions in Confidence

Get more candid feedback from customers and employees with confidential or anonymous surveys. Ensuring survey takers’ privacy yields 3x more responses.

Free Survey Templates

Make it Mobile

Surveys are automatically optimized to display beautifully on mobile devices, so you’re guaranteed to provide a great user experience every time.

Multilingual Surveys

Create online surveys in any of 37 languages using built-in auto-translation. Review all the responses from your diverse customer base in one place for easy analysis and reporting.

More Bang, Less Buck

The data you collect is invaluable, but that doesn’t mean your online survey tool should break the bank. Our smart, sophisticated, feature-loaded platform comes at a sensible price point.

Superior Reports

Generate out-of-the-box reports with just a few clicks, add filters and customize as you want. View results in real time, or track trends to identify drivers of loyalty and attrition.

simple design

Match Your Brand

Incorporate your logo and colors, and customize the look and feel to create continuity across your communications and strengthen the bond between your customer and your brand.

Share Surveys Everywhere

Be it via email, social media, SMS or online, reach respondents through the channel that is best for them and makes sense for the information you want to gather.

Paper Surveys

For onsite feedback or direct mail, paper surveys still apply. Create your survey online, then download and distribute it. We’ll import the data into your account for analysis and reports.

Data Privacy & Security

Protecting your data is serious business. We maintain the highest standards of SSL encryption and authentication, perform daily security scans, and host data in world-class data centers.

We look forward to a long-term relationship with SoGoSurvey. The onboarding process of getting everything setup and testing surveys went smoothly and we were supported every step of the way. We have also felt ongoing support during the building and preparation to send out our first survey with SoGoSurvey.
Beth Hagen, CFO
Premier Golf Centers LLC

Need a head start? Our polished, proven templates get you off and running!

Branch Service Survey

Branch Service Survey

Measure the success of your bank branches by the customer service they offer in every interaction and learn where and how to improve.

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Internal Service Survey

Internal Service Survey

Cooperation between teams is critical in keeping your organization running smoothly. Better coordination between employees means a better experience for customers.

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Credit Union Member Satisfaction Survey

Credit Union Member Satisfaction Survey

Measure the satisfaction of your credit union members or bank customers and capture the full picture of how they see you.

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Bank Customer Service Survey

Bank Customer Service Survey

Customer service matters more than ever, and a bad experience can lead to loss of business quickly. Find out first so you can act fast.

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Mobile Banking Survey

Mobile Banking Survey

Whether you’re looking to launch or improve mobile banking, learn more about customers’ needs and experiences.

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New Account Experience Survey

New Account Experience Survey

From the very beginning of their experience with you, ensure your customers know you’re listening and responsive.

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Measure Customer Satisfaction, Employee Engagement and Market Research with Ease

Facilitate Customer Service

Integrate your call center, CRM, and survey data to automate routine tasks, track and respond efficiently to service issues, and capture a complete picture of the customer support experience.


Engagement Analytics

Customer satisfaction is inextricably linked to employee engagement. Motivated employees produce quality work, make teams stronger, and provide great customer service. Measure engagement on both sides, and align the data to reveal who or what may be costing you business.

Market Segmentation

Target select demographic groups to test new product ideas, marketing initiatives, or brand perception. Use our powerful analytics to drive business decisions based on the data you gather.


Raise Response Rates with Streamlined Design

You know a lot about your customers, so make that work to your advantage. Relevant surveys save participants’ time and get more responses. Pre-populate the information you already have, and show your customer that you see them as a person, not a number. Fine-tune questions to fit each customer, and use branching to shape their path. The more concise and straightforward, Direct, short surveys are considerate of your customer’s time, and deliver quality feedback.

Personalize Engagement to Drive Up Loyalty

Manage the survey process in a way that cultivates your customer relationships and deepens their connection with your brand. Personalize scheduled invitations, keep track of responses and send timely automated reminders. Set custom alerts, control global opt-outs and use touch rules to avoid over-surveying. Send thank-you emails upon completion to show you’re listening.

Don’t Just Measure, Earn Customer Loyalty in Real-Time

To become their financial services provider of choice, touch base with customers at various points in their journey to find out what they need, want and expect — and why. Ad-hoc surveys with Net Promoter Score (NPS) can measure satisfaction on the spot, and gather feedback regarding products, experiences and customer service interactions. Define triggers that present other products or services to customers to increase share of wallet. Create alerts to flag negative feedback instantly via email, so issues can be addressed quickly.

Transform Data into Action with Industry’s Best Reporting Tool

Our best-in-class reports are known for being exceptionally flexible, customizable and intuitive. With just a few clicks, compare results within a date range, or by a specific question or benchmark, and quickly isolate data by customer demographics, by business departments, locations, or teams. Apply custom filters and drill down further to view data about individual employees or interactions. Express your insights with graphs, tables and charts, and download presentation-ready reports into any of eight formats, making it easy to share and communicate the results. Applying that intelligence, your leadership can make meaningful, data-driven changes that drive sustainable growth and long-term success.


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