Assisted Living Community Resident Feedback Survey

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Whether residents are new to your community or have been with you for some time, collecting their feedback in a systematic manner can help to ensure you’re meeting their needs and offering positive support and experiences.
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Moving into a senior or assisted living community can be a big change for most people. Whether the move is a result of a medical condition, a financial tightening, a safety issue, or the desire to be more socially involved with peers, residents arrive with a wide range of hopes and needs, and it takes a lot of work to make sure every single individual receives the care and respect they deserve. According to American Senior Communities,

the majority of residents will remain in assisted living for a year or more, with 16% staying for three or more years. Building in a sense of community, as well as a balance of novelty and routine, can be instrumental in keeping residents happy and safe. Of course, the increasingly large percentage of the population made up of senior citizens means that there are more assisted living communities opening to meet their needs. So, keeping residents satisfied can go a long way toward improving your reputation, attracting new residents, and ensuring your current residents will stay with you.

The Assisted Living Community Resident Feedback Survey is a valuable tool in the ongoing conversation you have with your residents. Beyond this survey, be sure you’re reaching out regularly to residents through conversations and visits, as well as to family members. Relatives can offer critical support to both you and your residents in ensuring clear communication and better engagement. The Assisted Living Community Relative Feedback Survey is the perfect complement to balance your outreach.




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