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Maintenance Follow-up Feedback Form

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Once work is done, follow up with residents to ensure the job has been done well. You’ll know right away who needs additional help, and you’ll be able to pass along positive feedback to your team. Plus, use your data for continuous clean-up of your work!

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Maintenance Follow-up Feedback Form

Maintenance Follow-up Feedback Form


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Maintenance Follow-up Feedback Form

Everyone with a problem wants it to be solved both completely and immediately. This is especially true of maintenance issues in the home, since we all want to be able to relax and enjoy our free time without any nagging issues. Make it easy for residents to report issues with the Maintenance Request Form, and you’ll be saving lots of headaches.

Once a maintenance issue has been addressed, follow up to complete the cycle by sending a Maintenance Follow-up Feedback Form. As a resident, there’s nothing worse than being told that a case has been “closed”, while seeing no resolution to the original issue. How can the problem be solved if my ceiling is still leaking? It’s critical to ensure that the reported issue has been truly solved, and to collect feedback on both the quality of the work and of the service received.

Were maintenance staff courteous and respectful of the resident’s space and belongings? Have additional issues appeared since the fix? While following up on an issue may seem like an invitation for more work, keep in mind that plenty of the feedback will probably be good, too! With resident approval, feedback given in this form can be shared with the relevant staff, as well as utilized in testimonials on your website and in other marketing materials.

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