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Move-in Follow-up Survey

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New residents arrive with certain expectations, and it’s in your best interest to make sure they’re not disappointed. Find out as soon as possible if something’s not right so you can follow up, turning a short-term renter to a long-term resident.

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Move-in Follow-up Survey

Move-in Follow-up Survey


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Move-in Follow-up Survey

You don’t need to be told that first impressions matter, but how long do first impressions last? From researching your community to touring the property, new residents have collected plenty of impressions before deciding to move in. Once contracts are signed and keys are handed over, the impressions still continue! Ensuring your residents have the best possible move-in experience requires plenty of preparation and follow-up.

Having paperwork in order, transferring keys, and making a clear path for belongings to be moved are all pieces you must have figured out well in advance of the actual occupation date, and learning from previous residents is the best way to make your plan. The Move-in Follow-up Survey asks new residents about the readiness of their apartment, the service provided, and any other elements of the experience you’d like to review.

While you’ll be able to follow up immediately on any issues or pending needs, you’ll also be able to use this data to improve your processes for future residents. Reaching out to residents early in their tenancy can create a great impression, too. Your new neighbors will be glad to know you care, and you’ll be starting a conversation that will hopefully lead to a long and happy relationship.

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