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Every day, about 2,654 individuals are entering the rental market, according to the Rental Protection Agency. How many of those people will learn about you? How many will visit your property, online or in person? With such a big market, there’s plenty of competition, but you can improve your chances of welcoming new renters with smart approaches to marketing and data collection.

The Prospective Renter Follow-up Survey allows you to follow up with those visitors who come to see your property and gives you a better understanding of their impressions. Did they like the property? Were they well treated by staff members? How likely are they to move in, and when? Good data can inform your strategic next moves, even if some of those visitors choose not to become residents. Whether it’s feedback on your landscaping or on the behavior of staff, the information you gain will lead to better planning and better training.

While your property quality and marketing strategies can do plenty to attract a visitor, a positive experience on their first visit can make the difference between a signed contract and disappointment all around. Make sure you’re learning as you go and you’ll be more likely to ensure a good match.


Maintenance Request Form

An always-on reporting tool makes it easy for tenants to report issues. Instant alerts for your team make follow-up easy, too.

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Maintenance Follow-up Feedback

Maintenance Follow-up Feedback Form

Once the work's done, collect feedback to ensure the case is really closed so you can follow up quickly.

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Move-in Follow-up

Move-in Follow-up Survey

First impressions matter! Check in early to be sure your new tenants are settling in well.

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