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One way to accomplish that is to conduct regular satisfaction surveys and follow-up surveys – whether you serve ten renters or a thousand. The more you know about their sentiments, the better you can respond to their concerns.

But you don’t need to become a market research expert to learn how your current and prospective residents feel. SoGoSurvey’s Residential Survey Package provides you with a set of professionally-designed tools to elicit candid, honest feedback.

With a monthly or annual subscription, you gain access to the following:

  • Annual Resident Satisfaction Surveys. How well are you doing overall? What amenities need to be improved? What do residents like best about the property? Would they recommend it to their friends?
  • Move-In Follow-up Surveys. The first few weeks after someone moves in are critical. Does the renter feel that everything went well? Learn how to improve the process.
  • Maintenance Follow-up Surveys. Was the problem fixed? Were personnel friendly and professional? You need to know whom to hire to make sure the work is done well and on-time.
  • Pre-Lease Renewal Surveys. Learn whether the property is meeting expectations – and whether you’re likely to have an open apartment to rent shortly.
  • Satisfaction Surveys for AirBnB, HomeAway, or other vacation property owners. Make sure the people responsible for cleaning the house are doing a good job, that the key hand-off works smoothly, and that the amenities are in working order.
  • Prospective Renter Follow-up Surveys. Discover how well your sales team is showing off the property, and the prospect’s impression after a visit or tour.
  • Useful online forms for renters include:

Special Resident Satisfaction Survey Reports

But performing a survey is just the start. With SoGoSurvey’s Residential Survey Package you get comprehensive and intuitive online reporting so you can take appropriate action:

  • Easy-to-understand metrics let you evaluate satisfaction ratings at a glance.
  • View trends by month, quarter, and year to gauge the success of the changes you implement.
  • Collect resident testimonials and satisfaction ratings to use in marketing materials.
  • Take immediate action based on respondent’s answers. If a resident gives a strongly negative ranking, the feedback can be emailed immediately to the staff person who can quickly resolve the problem.

Conducting regular feedback and incident surveys is an easy way to improve resident satisfaction and to ensure that your renters stay with you.

Learn about the packages we have available!

“I was blown away by how easy the product was to use, and yet had the incredible depth to do everything I wanted to do, including customized reports.” 

Joseph Shields - Client Testimonial

Joseph Shields
Professor of Marketing
Carthage College

“The user interface is clear and very organized. I created my first online survey within just 30 minutes. I am very satisfied with the user interface and data analysis. Amazing survey tool.” 

Chi-Liang Yu - Client Testimonial

Chi-Liang Yu, Ed.D.
Instruction Technology
University of Houston

“I had never done a survey before, but SoGoSurvey was really user friendly and it was easy to create the survey. We sent it to 2,000 people.” 

Jen Warner - Client Testimonial

Jenna Warner
Communications and
Member Relations Coordinator
University of Texas at Austin

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  • Fast-track your residential satisfaction survey with easy-to-use templates
  • Reach tenants anywhere - email, mobile, website, Facebook, and Twitter
  • Apply rules to avoid over-surveying
  • Import and manage your contact lists with a complete List Manager
  • Send pre-set reminders, track bounce rates and unsubscribes
  • Analyze customer feedback instantly with presentation-ready reports

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More than 70,000 Clients in 75 countries
More than 70,000 Clients in 75 countries
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24/7 customer support
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A+ BBB rating

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