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Resident Satisfaction Surveys

Measure resident satisfaction by candid feedback through professional, easy-to-use online resident satisfaction survey templates and forms.

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Whether you serve ten renters or a thousand, feedback is critical. Conducting regular satisfaction and follow-up surveys improves real-time understanding so you can take action to make a difference.

You don’t need to be a market research expert to gather meaningful data about current and prospective residents. SoGoSurvey’s Residential Survey Package provides you with a ready-to-go set of professionallydesigned tools to elicit candid, honest feedback.

Powerful online survey software built just for you

Take advantage of a powerful survey tool that has been adapted just for you.

Annual Resident Satisfaction Surveys

What could be improved? What do residents like best? Would they recommend the property? Check in with your residents annually to get their perspective.

Logic and Branching

Pre-Lease Renewal Surveys

Run an apartment survey for residents before lease renewal time to find out if the property and service meets expectations, or if you should prepare for a new tenant.


Comprehensive anonymity means better quality feedback, higher response rates, and increased comfort and security for participants.

Move-In Follow-up Surveys

The first few weeks after someone moves in are critical. Our resident satisfaction surveys can help you quickly identify any issues with the new tenant onboarding process.

Complete Custom Branding

Build brand recognition with every detail, from logo and style to white label and custom URL options.

Vacation Property Satisfaction Surveys

AirBnB, HomeAway, VRBO owners - we've got you covered! Check in with guests after they check out to be sure all went well with housekeeping, logistics, amenities and more.


Embed and share simple and elegant forms to streamline your data collection processes and improve reporting.

Maintenance Follow-up Surveys

Was the problem fixed? Were personnel friendly and professional? Let residents weigh in on whether work was done well and on time.

Pre-Populate Participant Data

Why ask people to tell you what you already know? Pre-population makes report data more accurate, streamlines survey completion, and offers you more analytical power.

Prospective Renter Follow-up Surveys

Discover how well your sales team is showing off the property, and the prospect’s impression after a visit or tour.


Ensure you're getting the full picture by collecting feedback from your entire community. Offer many languages on a single survey and simplify success!

Powerful Resident Satisfaction Reports

Asking resident satisfaction survey questions is just the start. With SoGoSurvey’s residential survey solution, you’ll get instant and comprehensive online reports so you can follow up immediately.

  • Evaluate satisfaction ratings at a glance with easy-to-understand metrics.
  • View trends by month, quarter, and year to gauge the success of the changes you implement.
  • Collect resident testimonials and satisfaction ratings to use in marketing materials.
  • Act quickly to resolve problems. If a resident gives a negative response, an instant alert can be sent to the member of your team best suited to address the issue immediately.

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  • Fast-track your Resident Satisfaction Survey with easy-to-use templates.
  • Reach tenants anywhere – email, mobile, website, Facebook, Twitter.
  • Apply rules to avoid over-surveying.
  • Import and manage contact lists with a complete Contact Manager.
  • Send pre-set reminders, track bounce rates, and check opt-outs.
  • Analyze customer feedback instantly with presentation-ready reports.

Need a head start?

Our polished, proven resident satisfaction survey templates get you up and running in no time!

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Conducting regular feedback and incident surveys is an easy way to improve resident satisfaction and
to ensure that your renters stay with you.

"We looked at several options when choosing a survey tool and SoGo had the standard functionality we needed and all of the advanced bells and whistles we wanted at a resonable price."

Renita Bryant, Founder



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