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Happy, high-performing students are the product of thriving schools. Creating a supportive environment where students flourish requires attentive leadership, enthusiastic teachers, competent staff, innovative programming, and engaged families. With so many factors contributing to students’ success, the only way to make smart decisions and set priorities is by asking the right questions.

SoGoSurvey helps K-12 schools make a difference every day. With an online education survey tool this flexible, reliable, and affordable, you can easily reach out for feedback that drives better decision making. Instant feedback, regular community surveys, referendum support, 360° reviews – you name it. Sign up now for free and begin shaping your school’s future.

We use surveys to listen to the 'collective voice' of many groups in our community... worked beautifully!
Karen Derby, Director of Communications
Bay Village Schools

Features with smart functionality

We love bells and whistles, but only if they get the job done. That’s why every SoGoSurvey feature is designed to get you more responses, realistic results, and actionable data.

Keep it confidential

Create a safe space with anonymous surveys and get more candid feedback. Separating identities from responses protects participants and encourages review of the right big-picture data.

24/7 support

Talk to survey experts, one on one, day or night. Our platform is loaded with easy-to-follow videos and step-by-step guidance to take any mystery out of creating online surveys.

Immediate, in-depth reports

Reliable data can transform operations. Get a quick snapshot, or drill down by demographic, department, or category to identify strengths, problems, and trends.

mobile ready surveys

The mobile generation

Today’s students require positive interactive experiences. Our surveys are mobile-ready by design, optimized to display beautifully on any device –

Reach people anywhere, anytime

Don’t limit yourself to email. Get more responses and grow your community by collecting feedback through websites, social media, and more.

Paper surveys

Paper’s no problem with SoGoSurvey. Create your survey online, then print and distribute it. We’ll import the results to your account for tracking, analysis, and reporting.

Customizable design

Add your school logo and colors, modify the look and feel, so everyone knows right away you’re on the same team.

Affordable and flexible

Running successful surveys shouldn’t require a PhD or an unlimited budget. Get all the features you need at a price that makes sense for your school.

K12 Survey Creating Process

Conducting a survey for your school?

Designed for success

Our school surveys have all the tools you need to connect with your community and make the most of the results.

Pre-populate student data

Tie student IDs and SIS data to responses to review data by segments like grade level, gender, ethnicity, or race, and make following up a breeze.

Create Multilingual Surveys

Speak their language(s)

Connect with your diverse community using surveys in any of 37 languages. Our platform allows you to auto-translate both custom and sample surveys.

Data privacy and security

We take substantial measures – a secure hosting environment, firewall protections, encryption, and much more – to keep your data safe and pristine.

Monitor real-time response rates

Track your progress and automate your follow-up, sending reminder emails to only those who haven’t completed your survey.



To ensure a positive learning environment and keep enrollment up, use our education survey templates to measure student satisfaction and school climate, understand learning styles, and collect course and instructor feedback.

School Climate Survey – StudentsHigh School Student Engagement SurveySafe Schools Survey – StudentSafe Schools Survey – Middle/High School Student


Family Surveys

Learn whether parents and guardians are satisfied with their children’s experience at school. Use their feedback to develop a more supportive, stimulating learning environment that helps all students achieve their potential.

School Climate Survey – ParentsSafe Schools Survey – Parent

Student feedback

Take advantage of every opportunity to capture students’ feedback about their education and environment. Don’t miss out on exit surveys with graduating seniors to learn how to improve or enhance future school programs.

mobile feedback

Positive relationships

Understand how social connections between students and teachers are affecting how students feel about their school experience.

Provide employees a safe space

School safety

Learn how students perceive their physical and psychological safety at school, whether they experience bullying or violence, and if they have the support they need.

School climate and culture

Get students’ unique perspectives on their school environment, including their social experience, the learning climate, standards, behaviors, and school facilities.


Game-changing reports

Our industry-leading reports help you quickly review results and understand what they mean. With just a few clicks, compare data by answer distribution, school or district average, grade level, gender, or any custom field. Track responses as they come in, monitor changes over time, and identify trends. Download presentation-ready reports that groups can easily review and digest, then decide on next steps.

Surveys everyone likes to take

Personalized surveys raise engagement, yield precise responses, and deliver meaningful data. Save respondents’ time by pre-populating the information you know, and use branching so you only ask the most relevant questions.


Build community support

Use school surveys to educate stakeholders on the costs/benefits of a new initiative, like building a new school, or integrating new technology. Design detailed surveys that illustrate the advantages and explain the imperative to win trust and drive momentum.

Social and emotional learning (SEL)

It’s increasingly clear to K-12 teachers and administrators that evidenced-based social and emotional learning (SEL) programs produce dramatic results. Studies show that, on average, every $1 invested in SEL programming yields a return of $11. SoGoSurvey’s powerful, user-friendly online survey tools deliver the quality SEL data key to transforming academic performance, school climate, and community relationships. Best of all, our supremely affordable platform gives K-12 schools the freedom to implement a comprehensive SEL program and reap the maximum benefits from their success.


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