More about Bullying Incident Report

School security is of critical importance around the world, and for good reason. Without a sense of basic safety, students and staff cannot concentrate on the most important work of all: student success. Yet, with security threats, drug and alcohol issues, bullying, and other problem spreading within schools, in the community, and even online, it’s more important than ever to monitor concerns.

The Bullying Incident Report allows you to open a 24/7 communication channel for all members of your community to share any issues they’ve seen or experienced. Participants can remain anonymous to protect their identities, or share their contact details to join in the work toward the solution. Instant alerts let you know right away when incidents are reported, allowing you to take timely action.

Build trust with your community and show the value you place on safety by adding this form to your district or school website, allowing quick and easy access to anyone with something to share. With everyone on the same page, issues can be resolved more quickly and students and staff can get back to work.

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